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Anime Spotlight - D-Fragments

by Anthony Foronda,
January, 2014

Key Staff

Original Creator: Tomoya Haruno
(Lucky Star; Comic a La Carte, Persona 4 dj-Classic-Crap! I Screwed Up)
Director:Seiki Sugawara
(Kids on the Slope, D.Gray-man, Yozakura Quartet)
Series Composition: Makoto Umezu
(Space Brothers, Kamisama Dolls, Utawarerumono)
Character Design/Animation Director: Kentaro Matsumoto
(Amnesia, Natsume's Book of Friends)
Animation Production
Brains Base
( Amnesia, Natsume's Book of Friends, Brother's Conflict)


Enjoy the unique members of the “Game Development Club (Temporary)” in a high-tension comedy with little to do about game development!!


Kazama Kenji was feared as the worst delinquent of Fujou High, but after certain events led him to peek in on the Game Development Club, he witnesses the outbreak of a fire. While the members inside manage to succeed in putting it out, they all attack Kenji to erase his memory and hide the incident. Kenji desperately tries to escape from them, but when their president Shibasaki Roka rescues him he ends up joining their Game Development Club.



Kazama Kenji
VA:Katsuyuki Konishi

He's the protagonist who acts the straight man, and he's a softmore at Fujou High. His goal is to rule the school… or was it? He's actually a reliable man in a way.

Shibasaki Roka
VA:Kana Hanazawa

She's the president of the Game Development Club (temporary). She holds “The Strongest Darkness” as her other nickname, and rules the school as its strongest person. She's the troublemaker who dragged Kazama into joining her (temporarily) club.

Takao Bucho
VA:Shizuka Itō

(The real) President of the Game Development Club. She's a tsundere and she's taken a liking to Kazama. She's had a long relationship with all the members of her (temporary) club.

Karasuyama Chitose
VA: Chiwa Saito

Current president of the student council and a member of the Game Development Club (temporary). Earth Attribute. She's turned the student council into her personal possession, and shows concern for Roka, her childhood friend.

Mizukami Sakura
VA:Mikako Takahashi

A member of the Game Development Club (temporary), and Kenji's underclassman. Water attribute, and self-proclaimed little sister attribute. She very rarely gets serious about anything, but she often goes with the flow, and gets motivated whenever water's involved.

Ohsawa Minami
VA:Ami Koshimizu

The advisor to the Game Development Club (temporary) who looks good in a jersey. Thunder attribute (Stun-gun user.) She's always sleepy, so she approves most things, or rather she ignores them.

Kawahara Ataru
VA:Jun Fukuyama

Kazama's childhood friend and partner in crime. He won the spot of vice president on the student council. Since he possesses a special attribute (supreme masochist), most disasters are just rewards for this eccentric man.

VA:Hiroki Gotō

A member of Kazama's group. Despite his looks he…

Nagayama Hiroshi
VA:Kenichirō Matsuda

A member of Kazama's group. All three members of Kazama's group have known each other since elementary school.


Kazama Kenji
Katsuyuki Konishi
Shibasaki Roka
Kana Hanazawa
Takao Bucho
Shizuka Itō
Karasuyama Chitose
Chiwa Saito
Mizukami Sakura
Mikako Takahashi
Ohsawa Minami
Ami Koshimizu
Kawahara Ataru
Jun Fukuyama
Aki Toyosaki
Kazama Noe
Emiri Katō


Original Creator
Tomoya Haruno (Monthly Comic Alive magazine, Kadokawa Publishing)
Seiki Sugawara
Series Composition
Makoto Uezu
Character Design & Chief Animation Director
Kentaro Matsumoto
Akito Matsuda
Animation Production
Brains Base
Defrag! Production Committee

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