Anime Spotlight - MAOYU

by Justin Sevakis,

January, 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director - Takeo Takahashi
    (Spice and Wolf)
Series Composition - Naruhisa Arakawa
    (Spice and Wolf)
Character Design - Masashi Kudo
Animation Production
Arms Corporation


In the most unlikely combinations, Ruler and Hero set out on an adventure together to change the world!

The story that has captured the hearts of million fans is reborn as an unprecedented anime!

The story that has come to be known as “MAOYU” began on an Internet noticeboard, and went on to become a novel loved passionately by more than a million people.

Written serially in the form of a dramatic novel, the story is based on the struggle between humans and inhabitants of the magical world. This profound theme is drawn out realistically, including knowledge of a wide range of themes from economics through to agriculture, creating a whole new world that has broken through the normal boundaries of fantasy and sounded a wakeup call amongst even the top creative players within the entertainment industry. The “MAOYU” series was released in book form, beginning in December 2010, and has achieved cumulative sales of 450,000 copies. At the same time as the story's momentum accelerates, developing into multiple comic series, a further project has allowed it to be turned into a TV anime.



The throne room deep in the mysterious castle of the magic world.
The scene of final battle between Ruler of the magical world and the Hero.

Ruler, who governs the magical world.
“Come and be on my side”
Hero, the brave man human who can use both a sword and magic to take on an army alone.

However, this unimaginable couple decides to join hands to take on an irrational world, and their brave journey is beginning…


Ruler of the Magical World
VA: Ami Koshimizu
The 43rd Ruler of Magic, who governs the magical world. Not particularly gifted either with physical or magical abilities, she takes the form of a human and is skilled in battle. She has deep wisdom and a carefree, glamorous body. At the same time, she is concerned by being a little plump.

VA: Jun Fukuyama
A superbly strong human, and arch-nemesis of the magicians. He is held up the hope of the human world, and heralds into the magical world in order to subjugate Ruler. Fairly popular with members of the opposite sex, he retains his youthful beauty and is still a virgin.
Head Maid
VA: Chiwa Saito
A close confidant of Ruler, who has been looking after her since she was young. Related to Ruler, she devotes herself on a daily basis to the pursuit of the “way of the maid”.

Older Sister Maid
VA: Haruka Tomatsu
A former vassal, she was saved by Ruler when she ran away and sought sanctuary in Ruler's compound. Along with her younger sister, she serves Ruler under instruction from the Head Maid.
Younger Sister Maid
VA: Nao Tōyama
Along with her older sister, she now serves Ruler under instruction from the Head Maid. She is greedy and cries easily.

Female Knight
VA: Miyuki Sawashiro
A Knight belonging to the Lakeside religious order, who has in the past traveled with the Hero. She has a complex about her smooth body.

Young Merchant
VA: Hiroshi Kamiya
The young merchant is attached to a merchants' “alliance”.


Ruler of the Magical world
Ami Koshimizu
Jun Fukuyama
Head Maid
Chiwa Saito
Older Sister Maid
Haruka Tomatsu
Younger Sister Maid
Nao Tōyama
Female Knight
Miyuki Sawashiro
Young Merchant
Hiroshi Kamiya


Takeo Takahashi
Series Composition
Naruhisa Arakawa
Character Design
Masashi Kudo
Hiroaki Karasu

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