New Anime from Viz and others now on hulu, ANN

by Justin Sevakis,

Three previously unavailable anime titles from Viz Media LLC were posted today on streaming website, and by proxy, AnimeNewsNetwork. The following titles are now available in our video section:

  • InuYasha (subtitled, first 32 are up now with a new episode every week)
  • Honey and Clover (subtitled, eps 1-12)
  • NANA (subtitled, eps 1-11)
  • Plans for posting additional episodes of Honey and Clover and NANA were not yet announced. Due to preparations for San Diego Comic Con, Viz was unavailable to comment before press time.

    Additionally, we've added the following classic adapted anime, which had been previously added to but were not automatically added to Anime News Network:

  • Mysterious Cities of Gold (dub, entire series)
  • Voltron: Defenders of the Universe (English adapted, entire series)
  • ... as well as Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles from Harmony Gold USA. We expect another new series to be added by hulu (and therefore to ANN) at the end of July.

    As with every series, these videos are only available to viewers within the United States.

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