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Bricken the House

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 003 - Bricken the House

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Welcome to the third episode of ANNCast! Justin Sevakis and I, Zac Bertschy, sat down with the head honcho of ToplessRobot.com and the author of our very own Astro Toy, Rob Bricken. The result is a swirling vortex of jaded bitterness and cynicism the likes of which you've never seen!

In the first segment, Justin and I have a brief chat about Bluray, what's out on Bluray, and what a pain it is to master Bluray discs. That's all over about 5 minutes in and then Rob joins us to talk about the transition from fan to professional and the life-sapping journey it entails, and then we really get into some of the most hilarious licenses dumped on us by the R1 anime companies during the anime bubble earlier this decade. Then it's Q&A time! Which of our illustrious hosts hated Rosco's Chicken and Waffles? You'll have to listen to find out!

You can listen to the show on our player here, direct-download the MP3 version here, and we're finally available on iTunes here (just paste that URL into your iTunes player), or you can find us by searching for 'ANNCast' in the iTunes Store. Also: if you like the show (or don't like the show, I guess) be sure to write us up a review over on iTunes! It'd be a big help!

NSFW Language Warning: thanks to the sailor's mouth on Bricken, this show has some more swearing than usual. Not a lot more, just more than usual. You'll learn to love it.

ANNCast Episode 003 Breakdown

00:00 ALL-NEW Disclaimer!

00:18 Host introductions

00:30 Devil May Cry on bluray

1:25 Justin's bluray authoring breakdown

2:50 Why is the stuff that's on bluray on bluray?

4:34 What's not on bluray that should be

5:50 Break!

6:05 Rob Bricken introduction

6:29 Why we're not talking about the death of anime magazines

6:54 The transition from fan to professional

11:26 Justin's journey through the tunnels of CPM

14:02 Justin's tips for not burning out

14:26 Zac is allergic to otaku in-joke shows

16:15 Rob's Fun Game: picking the one misbegotten R1 DVD license that sums up the failure of a company!

17:30 The Tragic Miscarriage of Papuwa

18:24 The Sad Voyage of the SS Heat Guy J

19:17 Geneon's big mistake

19:55 The amazing marketing campaign for Human Crossing

20:41 Self-quote self-indulgence

21:45 The Law of Ueki is broken

22:13 The Heartbreaking Life and Death of Dan Doh!!

23:12 Aura Battler Dunbine and Princess Tutu

24:45 A story from Rob about Geneon's marketing department

26:17 CPM's many failures, including Doggy Poo

27:46 Media Blasters avoids the pitfalls

28:43 Twitter Questions: A smart one about fading fandom, waiting for the bluray DVDs, webcomics, and chicken 'n waffles chat.

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