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Doin' a Daryl Roll

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 009 - Doin' a Daryl Roll

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A few weeks back I asked you fine listeners who you'd like to see as a guest on the show, and the number one response was none other than Daryl Surat, the lovable scamp who hosts Anime World Order. So we asked him and he said he'd come on the show, and so here you go!

We start out this week with a discussion of the new anime season, with Justin and I comparing notes on all the disappointing new series that are out. Then we move on to talk just a little about the new rules enacted by the FTC that would require bloggers to disclose where they got the products they're reviewing, which sounds super boring but we don't stay on it for very long so rest easy.

Then we bring Daryl in to talk about anime fans who focus (obsess?) about anime from the 80's and 90's, Daryl's predilection toward 'manly' anime, the wealth of podcasts out there and then it's Twitter time. Enjoy!

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NSFW Language Warning: Lots of swearing this time, mostly from me. You'll live!

ANNCast Episode 009 Breakdown

00:15 Host intros

00:40 The new season begins, we watched some of it


5:10 Back to the preview guide

10:02 The best rated shows don't seem to be streaming anywhere

13:28 The FTC's weird new rules for blogs that get free stuff; anime bloggers, calm yourselves

18:15 Break time! Yabba Dabba Buckle Up!

18:44 Daryl Surat introduction, and his affinity for 80's and 90's anime

25:12 Is Daryl watching anything new this season?

32:11 OK OK that's enough about Fist of the North Star, let's talk about podcasting

34:46 Podcasts Daryl Recommends

37:00 Are there too many anime podcasts (us included)?

41:10 Twitter questions! The best "bad" anime, Daryl's anime industry namedropping, video podcasting or the lack thereof, being blunt and harsh to anime and its fans, advice for aspiring podcasters, Daryl's taste in music, the moe-fujoshi anime rut in Japan, Funimation's oh-so-unfair Initial D license, Zac rejects Daryl-related injokes, a question that makes Justin burst out laughing more than he ever has on the show, people comparing fansub translations to pro jobs, everyone's favorite joke

And then Justin caps off the show with some clips from an amazing hentai dub audition reel he's kept lo these long years. See you next week!

Have questions for the ANNCast crew? Tweet 'em to @ANNZac! Or check out the community forums thread about the show, or send email questions to zac@animenewsnetwork dot com!

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