North by Northrop

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 040 - North by Northrop

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We start off this week with an actual real honest-to-god sponsor (!) and it's Justin's 30th birthday! But, due to a crazy hailstorm of dumb things happening in our lives, neither of us really got to any anime, so we get right into the news - horrible for-profit manga aggregators are about to finally get what's coming to them (hopefully), Anime Expo's terrifying ticketing system for main events, and ANN's own lofty plans for video.

Then our guest Northrop Davis joins us to talk about his line of work, which is chiefly adapting Japanese properties for the silver screen. He's working on a live-action Barefoot Gen, which is pretty cool so we talk about that, and all the little intricacies involved in successfully pitching an anime series to Hollywood fat cats. Then Northrop talks about his involvement with OEL manga, and it's Twitter time! WA-HOO!

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NSFW Language Warning: Just enough swearing to get you through the day.

ANNCast Episode 40 Breakdown

01:00 Host introductions!

04:50 The coming Planet of the Apes-style manga aggregator roundup

09:00 That little announcement about ANN's video-tastic summertime fun

12:30 AX's new policy of charging people to get in to see bad sketch comedy

20:50 Break time!

21:35 Nothrop Davis introduction and a little about what he does, plus how to pitch an anime screenplay to Hollywood

33:40 Which genres Hollywood is interested in and how they see the anime fanbase as a potential audience

39:30 Northrop's live-action Barefoot Gen project

55:40 Twitter time! Northrop's OEL manga projects and the classes he teaches, which stories are better suited for Hollywood adaptations and more!

And that's it! See you next week!

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