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by Zac Bertschy & Gia Manry,

ANNCast Episode 054 - Longview

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So right up front we talk about the thing we're supposed to talk about.

After that we chat about New York Anime Fest and how that all went down and how similar it was to the experience of San Diego Comic-Con, then it's on to Eden of the East (which you should watch) and Star Driver.

After that, Joshua Long, independent film producer and co-founder of 1212 Entertainment joins us to talk about the live-action Cowboy Bebop movie, which he's executive-producing, his Trauma Team TV series and of course, the live-action Fruits Basket project he currently has under development. Then it's Twitter time! REJOICE

Extra credit: if you comment on this episode, include in your notes what anime you think would make a great live-action adaptation. Joshua is listening!

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NSFW Language Warning: Yeah, there's some swearing. You'll live.

ANNCast Episode 54 Breakdown

00:20 The big leaky elephant in the room. That's a pretty gross mental image come to think of it.

05:20 Just how was New York Anime Festival?

09:40 Star Driver, the fall season premieres, and Eden of the East

19:40 Joshua Long introduction

23:00 All things live-action Cowboy Bebop!

37:45 All things live-action Trauma Team!

45:30 What the climate is like in Hollywood for anime adaptations at the moment

56:30 Pretty much everything that can be said about this Fruits Basket thing right now!

01:00:10 Twitter time! More questions about Cowboy Bebop and Fruits Basket! Lots of them! HOORAY!

And that's it! See you next week!

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