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Jonathan and Taliesin's Excellent Adventure

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast 062 - Jonathan and Taliesin's Excellent Adventure

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Right out of the gate, just as the winter season preview wraps up, Gia and I wrap up our thoughts on the (surprisingly solid) winter season (although we hadn't seen Fractale or Wandering Son yet). Then it's on to the interview!

New Generation Pictures' Jonathan Klein and voice actor/director/screenwriter/gadabout Taliesin Jaffe join us this week on the occasion of the re-release of their English-dubbed version of R.O.D -The TV-, which in its day was hailed as one of the best dubs ever. We reminisce about 2005, the show's initial release and reception, and then of course we eventually get to Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate and a whole lot of other stuff they've done and how things have dramatically changed. Then it's Twitter time! C'mon down!!

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NSFW Language Warning: Almost no swearing! Just look at what little angels we are!

ANNCast Episode 62 Breakdown

00:30 Zac and Gia chat about the winter season and how it's not really that bad you guys

11:20 Jonathan Klein and Taliesin Jaffe introduction

12:15 R.O.D -The TV- and how it was received in America

21:30 New Generation dubs getting re-released into the wild

24:45 What it takes to produce a good dub vs. the factors that might lead to a weak one

33:00 Same 10 dudes in everything!

41:40 inevitable Hellsing Ultimate chat

49:50 How things are going now for the two of them, and which New Generation dubs have been forgotten that they'd like to see rescued

01:01:15 Has fandom changed over the years?

01:04:00 The 'first volume slump' and why dubs don't seem to have any rehearsal time

01:13:50 Twitter time! Beck, how voice acting could improve overall and more!

And that's it! See you next time!

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