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ANNCast 081 - infAMOS

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It's a twofer this week! First up Chase Wang, representative of AM2, the upcoming anime 'n manga 'n music convention that happens to take place in the same area and on the same weekend as this little thing you may have heard of called Anime Expo. We've had Chase on before, but it's only one week until the convention's set to begin, so it's time for a checkup. Also, they got hacked. So we talk about that.

Then it's time for a visit with Walter Amos, diehard longtime superfan, Yamato and Legend of the Galactic Heroes devotee and Hetalia History panel guy. Walter contributed to the Hetalia History segment on the first Funimation DVD of the series, and we talk about his history as a fan, ye olden days of tape trading and raw watching, his trip to Japan and the time he met Leiji Matsumoto, and much much more! It's fun! GET IN HERE!!

Also, here are some links to Walter's stuff:

A video teaser for his Hetalia History panel A detailed chronicle of his adventures in Japan

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NSFW Language Warning: I like to swear. Nobody else does though! They have class.

ANNCast Episode 81 Breakdown

00:30 Chase Wang introduction, how things are going at AM2

12:20 AM2 got hacked! Someone tried to make people think the show was canceled. But it ain't. No siree.

17:40 AM2 is actually in competition with everyone, not just AX!

22:30 Teeny tiny Twitter time! Assembling a con team, fans commuting between AX and AM2 and more.

39:00 Walter Amos introduction, and his earliest history as a fan and his unyielding love for Yamato

48:50 His other unyielding love for Legend of the Galactic Heroes

56:10 Walter's amazing trip to Japan to see the live-action Yamato flick and schmooze with Leiji Matsumoto

01:10:30 Hetalia! Specifically, why Walter's so in to it, and the panels he does on the history behind the show's gags.

01:30:50 Twitter time! Introducing new people to LOGH, remakes and more!

And that's it! See you next time!

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