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Answerman: Hardcore!

Well, I'm impressed. The number of repeat questions seems to have gone down; I only received the "When is the rest of Utena coming out?" question 3 times in the past few days, which is way down from the usual 9 or 10. Keep 'em coming!

What's up with CN and Cowboy Bebop? Did they really cancel it? And why didn't they complain about it's ratings if that's the case. When they canceled Gundam they gave us notice about it. Is this the end of a short lived adult animation on tv period or what?

This seems to be the big question this week, so I'll post it this once. We don't really know CN's reasoning behind putting Cowboy Bebop on hiatus; we know the show isn't cancelled. I can only assume that CN has decided to hold off on showing the series due to the sometimes intense amounts of violence, in response to last week's events. Seems a little like they're overreaching in their attempt to temporarily clean up their programming. Regardless, they're suggesting that it will be back on in about 2 weeks.

Hi, Answerman~
I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. One is that why the Evangelion TV series DVDs are just a 'transfer from VHS'?? I love this series so much, I bought 7 DVDs of this series at once, and when I watched them at home and found out it's not digitally transferred, I have to say, I was very dissapointed. Is there any chance that they will be re-released in digitally transferred version?(I don't really think it'll happen though -_-) I didn't mind Irresponsible Captain Taylor, but why Eva? Oh God~ And the another question is that if there is any chance that Maison Ikkoku TV series will be released in DVD. If you could answer my questions, it'd be great help. Thanks!!!
Kei Lee

ADV probably won't release a digitally transferred version of Evangelion. I know they had issues getting anything better in terms of masters from Gainax, who are notoriously difficult when it comes to sending good source material. As for Maison, Viz has stated that they will be releasing Maison on DVD eventually, but when is still a big mystery at this point.

Hey Answerman!
A while ago I thought I had seen Blue Gender's rights being aquired by Bandai, but just today i see on ANN that FUNimation is releasing it? Did I read that right? I've only seen the first 2 episodes but its obvious that given its mature content that, if broadcast it'll be another hack job. Will they try and release Blue Gender on TV, especially since it's for an adult audience?

Funimation has the rights to Blue Gender and they're doing a release a'la Bandai or Pioneer. It isn't being edited for TV, since it won't be shown on TV; Blue Gender is essentially Funimation's attempt to enter the hardcore anime fan market.

i thought i had heard from some source that some company had gotten the distribution rights for the nadesico movie? any truth to that, and if so, then when would it be released? Thanks

ADV licensed the Nadesico movie, The Prince of Darkness, when they licensed the TV series. They're working on it now, although no release dates have been mentioned yet.

Any info on the next season of berserk would be great.


Yeah, it would, wouldn't it? The more time goes by, the more I think that that announcement from "someone on the production staff" a few years back was completely made up and has vaporized. The manga is still hugely popular in Japan, so I hold out hope that eventually more anime will be made, but as for right now, there isn't any new information.

Can you please tell me when SPRIGGAN is coming out on VHS cause I cant find the date anywhere.

Thank You.

That's because there is no date yet. ADV plans to release Spriggan in to theaters before releasing it on VHS or DVD.

hello, I was just wondering if you can answer my question about a sequel to Vandread. Is there one comming out and if it is already out whats it called

Hasn't started yet, but Vandread: The Second Stage starts October 5th in Japan.

I gotta ask you... How does one enter the world of voice acting?

I've acted before for stories called Kamishibai (though, I thought I could sound much better if I was more relaxed) and people really seemed to approve of my voice. A lot of dubbed anime I've seen is really horrible in terms of vocals. I mean, Kite, Blue Sub 6, and Cowboy Bebop have been the dubs I've really been able to say "Hey. Nice voices!" to. While we have stuff like that... We also have Tōshinden... And the dubbed version of Eva...

I don't want to just join the brigade of actors because it looks like fun and hey.... money.... but I want to join mainly to fix a lot of mistakes in anime that will be made. So, how does one go about doing this... Tips, man... Help me out. ^_^


If you think you have talent, go to school and get a degree in performance. Build an acting resume; work with your local theater company, etcetera. Hire an agent, and start soliciting your resume to dub studios. It's going to take a lot of research and hard work on your part; it isn't just something you walk in to. Again, be sure that you have talent for the craft, and if you think you do, immediately deflate your ego. Every anime fan in the world thinks that English dubs could be better; that doesn't mean we have the capacity to make them better.

Dear Answer Man:

Hi. I°ve read all the reviews on ANN°s lovely review page, but there°s still more anime out there I haven°t seen or heard of. Since you are so wise when it comes to Japanese animation, perhaps you might be able to give me a list of five or more anime with these characteristics:

Stunning Atmosphere
Entertaining, well crafted, and refreshing plot
Beautiful and unique character designs that are pleasing to the eyes
Magnificent cast
Respectable and unique characters
Superb animation that°s smooth and fluid
Splendidly killer action sequences
A little bit of tasteful, up-beat, well timed humor (so it isn°t depressing)
Flawless mix of CG and traditional animation
Excellent, gorgeous, and haunting sound track
A wonderfully interesting character development
Great direction
Fantastic art
Blood soaked violence
Some sexual innuendo
Solid, thrilling, dramatic and intense anime
Well done technical detail
Original story concept
Outstanding back story development
Beautiful backgrounds (Optional)
Great packaging (Optional)
Kind of something for ALMOST everyone

That°s it. That°s the long, boring, wordy and detailed list. Good luck! Oh, I°m into the whole cyber punk thing (like "Ghost in the Shell") and the gory flicks (like "KITE"), so maybe something around those areas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


You don't really ask for much, do you? Essentially what you're asking for is perfection, which doesn't exist. I can give you a list of shows I think contain more than 5 of the qualities you listed above, but asking for perfection on that kind of level is silly and asking for way too much. Here's my list:

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Revolutionary Girl Utena



Angelic Layer

Card Captor Sakura

X/1999, Movie and OVA



And if you don't like any of those, I can't help you.

Anyway, that's it for today. See you on Friday!

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