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Answerman: Hangover

What's this? A mere 10-question Answerman installment? It can't be!

After viewing the first 52 episodes and reading the first 11 tanks of One Piece i am left with a few questions. I know One Piece is still the most popular manga in Shonen Jump(closely followed by Naruto and Hunter x Hunter) and that it gets really high ratings on TV(14-15%) but i was wondering as to when its gonna end. I know the 99th episode aired tonight(today is sunday) and the 21st tank came out earlier this winter(december 22nd i believe) I know you don't have magical powers to predict its ending, but 100+ episodes is a lot and milking 100+ from 21 tanks is insane, from mr.Eiichiro Oda is at in the manga do you see an ending in the next year?

Basically, they'll milk something like One Piece as long as they possibly can until it becomes unprofitable. It's still top dog in Jump, and as long as that's the case, it'll probably keep going. Depending on the series' popularity, it might come to a conclusion within the next year. There's just no way to know for sure.

Will the 12 episodes of The Guyver that Manga Ent. released a few years ago ever be released on DVD? If so, is there a release date?
Thanks for taking the time,
Almighty Gilgamesh.

Well, it's listed under Manga's "coming in 2002" list on their website, so it might actually see a release this year.

Hey, I recently went to an oriental gift shop in my local mall and found that they sold some anime dvd's. The only problem is that I don't know if they are region 1. They have a sign posted that says they have english and Japanese languages. Is there any way to be sure that they will work on my ps2.
Thanks for your time, Keith

Check the back of the DVD. If it has a little "1" in a globe-looking thing, it's region 1. A word of caution: if it doesn't have that symbol or say "region 1" anywhere on it, don't buy it. The PS2 absolutely refuses to play anything but legitimate Region 1 DVDs, so don't buy something else expecting it to work. Since you're buying these from an oriental gift shop and not from a major retail outlet like Suncoast or Sam Goody, you'll want to be extra careful when making your decision. Most likely they're bootlegs. Little Asian stores like that rarely carry legit region 1 titles.

Do you know if ADV has begun production of the Nadesico movie or are they still sitting on it? Are there 3 Ranma movies or just the 2?

I'm sure ADV has begun production on the Nadesico movie DVD, but they still don't have a release date. There are three Ranma movies, but the third one was only a half hour long and Viz released it as part of the OVA set.

in which order should the El Hazard(wanderers) series be watched??


Watch the original OVA series, then the second OVA series, then "The Alternative World" TV series. Then if you feel like watching a poorly-animated rehash of the original OVA series, watch "The Wanderers".

Hey Answerman,

1. I was wondering if the versions of Yū Yū Hakusho, Pilot Candidate and Gundam 0083 starting on febuary 23rd on Cartoon Network would be edited or not.

2. Is the Trigun manga out in the US yet? If it's not, are there any plans to release it?


I'm sure they'll be edited to some extent. I wound never expect anything to show up on Cartoon Network completely untouched. Everyone asks about the Trigun manga. It hasn't been licensed for US release yet.

The guy who made Key the Metal Idol, did he make any other series?


Yes. He's also responsible for the Violinist of Hamelin, which hasn't been released in the US yet.

Hi. I was wondering when Mobile Fighter G Gundam will be released in America. I know bandai has already bought the rights.


Bandai hasn't made any official announcements regarding a release date for G-Gundam yet, but I'd imagine it'll show up here before too long.

Yo Answerman! When is Excel Saga coming out over here? I tried looking on AnimeonDVD and they don't have it on their database. Thanks.

That's because ADV hasn't announced a release date for it just yet. You aren't the only one waiting impatiently for this series; as soon as ADV announces something it'll be all over the web. Just wait.

Ok, I just finished buying the rest of Sakura Diaries yesterday and watched the rest of it today! Now the saddened me a lot almost to the point that i was about to cry!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED the series great humor and i could give to ***** about the nuity. My questions are:
1. Is there more to it (PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS MORE TO IT)!
2. Who has the rights it if there is more and when is the earliest it would be released(hehehe to make extremaly happy make up a date it will be released)!!!

Anyways thank very much for your time and I hope to hear from you


Sorry to burst your U-Jin related bubble but there isn't any more Sakura Diaries anime. What you have is all that was ever released.

See y'all on Friday.

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