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Was there ever a Card Captor Sakura video game realesed in the U.S. in english?

If so, can you please give me some of the game's information?



There were a few Card Captor Sakura video games, some for the PlayStation, some for the Dreamcast, and some for both Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced. None of them were ever translated or released here, probably because they're all meant to be played by 9-year old Japanese girls, and the market for "Cardcaptors" in the US is 12-year old American boys. I've played the PlayStation Card Captor Sakura game, and lemme tell you, I've had more fun watching paint dry. It's a great learning tool for elementary Japanese, though, since it uses only Hiragana and basic vocabulary.

Yesterday i didnt feel like sleeping so i watched Cartoon Network for almost the whole night and i was surprised to see ZOIDS: Chaotic Century. Why is this show on so late? why isnt it on Toonami?

Because Zoids is about as popular as Citrus Zima in the United States (although I think Citrus Zima has a larger fanbase and more merchandise available..). The show bombed pretty badly and just didn't catch on. Cartoon Network has a tendency to reserve Toonami spots for shows they know will bring viewers in, like Dragon Ball or Batman Beyond or whatever.

Dear Answerman,

My friend and I went to an anime showing of FLCL, when
the scene of the lady riding on the guitair in the
bunny outfit triggered an old flashback. We remembered
it from an older Gainax film called Daicon (i think).
I think the original had a girl riding on a sword, by
my friend thinks the Daicon scene featured the guitair
as well. Am I right, is he right, or are we both

That's a reference to the Daicon IV opening, one the first pieces of animation Gainax ever did. There's a bunny girl in it that rides around on a sword to the strains of Electric Light Orchestra's "Twilight". The guitar is an FLCL thing.. Haruko riding around on a sword wouldn't quite fit in as well.

Hi. I stumbled across your column in a Google search and thought you may be
able to help me. I'm desperate to find out which US anime company in fact
has the rights to dub Slayers Premium. I'm trying to present a casting
petition through the proper channels, but so far have not been able to pin
down a written press release/statement showing which studio I should
contact. Please help if you can. Time is of the essence with anime
production and this issue means a lot to me personally, as my sig' other is
a VA from Slayers TV. Once I have this information, I can act, but until I
do, I'm only collecting signatures on a website. Very frustrating...

The Zelgoddess

Technically, nobody's licensed Slayers Premium yet. I'd imagine ADV has an option on it since they licensed the rest of the movies and OVAs, but they haven't made any sort of announcement yet. They'll probably mention something at Expo this year, so keep an ear out for news on that one. You may find yourself finding some opposition in the form of apathy, though; very few hardcore fans care what English VAs they get to dub shows. Most of them only turn the dub on to hear how bad it is, then quickly switch back to the Japanese track. Regardless, best of luck to you.

Hey ANN, I went to my local Electronic Boutique today and saw GTO DVD #3:Outcast on the shelf, which I swiftly purchased. Why do all the online anime providers (TRSI, Suncoast) say it will not be released until 6/18?

- Kyle, PA

It's good business sense that if you expect your product to be ready by a
certain date, you inform the public that it will be available a month or so
later. That way if anything goes wrong in production the company can still
meet their promised deadline.

When the product is finished at the expected date, or even early it is sent
to distributors and major retailers and they are supposed to hold onto it
until the official release date. On the Internet it isn't possible for major
retailers such as TRSI, Suncoast and Anime Castle to cheat on the release
date, but smaller Brick and Mortar retailers not only can cheat but do.

So then, your local distributor or his supplier wasn't supposed to make that DVD available for another week or so, but they did, and now you've got it.

Thanks to Cookie for answering this one.

We have a special treat for you today. The following question was received last week:

well i have some of the english cards of the yugioh
first set that came out and I was wondering if a
fusion card you must fuse it or if you can also if
it's a rank of five you can offer a monster and put it
out. Thanks.

Now, I don't know anything about the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, but the newest member of the AnswerTeam, AnswerCat, does. I believe he's won a few tournaments. So, here's his response:

AnswerCat, Master of Yu-Gi-Oh says...

As usual, a very thorough answer from the Answercat.

That's all for now. See you on Friday.

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