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Considering the amount of effort ADV has been putting into their R1 release of Excel Saga and constant referrals to the manga in it's digital liner notes, do you think there will be a big push to bring the Excel Saga manga over to North America? If so, will it be possible considering all the liner notes that even the anime needed?

I'm sure the Excel Saga manga will be picked up eventually. I haven't heard of anyone licensing it yet, but the show is ridiculously popular. I don't see any reason that it wouldn't be released eventually. Unfortunately, all I can give you is my personal speculation. We'll have to wait for actual news to find out when and if it's being released. I don't think the obscure jokes will even be an issue.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you a question about the video quality of DVDs released by Manga Entertainment. I just wanted to find out which distributors I should be careful with when it comes to video quality of their DVD releases. I know Manga is pretty 'famous' for their problem with video quality. Please tell me, Answerman! or Mrs. Answerman! or Sake-chan! Whoever!

DVD video quality is basically a crap shoot, dude. You never really know what you're going to get. A lot of stuff being released now that's older was mastered on video tape so not even the source material looks very good. They can clean the video up for the DVD release, but that's a costly process, so companies with thin pockets – like CPM – can't really afford to do that for every title. Manga has a bad track record, but both of the EVA movie DVDs they did looked fantastic, so I'm not sure what to say about them anymore. Just read reviews before you buy something; generally if there's any sort of video problem, you'll know within seconds of the DVD being released, because some fanboy somewhere will have bitched about it online. To quote Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons, “Rest assured, I will be on the internet registering my disappointment within minutes!”. Or something like that.

Dear answering type carbon based life forms what are for the answering and
the dispensing of answers...and such,

Query #1: Do you have any information about the new Street Fighter 2 Alpha anime? All I have been able to glean thus far is that there will be two new characters from the Alpha game series, Akuma will have a more active role, and it should be released sometime in 2003. All of this is from an Anime News Service posting back in July. Any info on this matter would be used in the appropriation of my funds in such a way as to procure this particular form of cel shaded entertainment upon it's forthcoming release, and as a bonus, for no extra charge, the aforementioned info would also be greatly appreciated and whatnot...and such.

Query #2: Do you have any information about the Stateside (english dubbed) DVD release of The Cowboy Bebop Movie? Any info on this matter would be used in the appropriation of my funds in such a way as to blah blah blah and cel shaded yakkity schmakkity and would be greatly appreciated and whatnot... oh yeah, and such.

When answering these queries always remember to never forget that age old conundrum that we all wrestle with: "Don't know what to say the monkey won't do!"

Thank you for your time, and please enclose a SASE with your response.

I love it when my readers try and be funny. Really.

Seriously, I haven't heard anything about the new Street Fighter Alpha anime series. It comes out next year. Manga Entertainment most likely already has an option on it, since they've released every other Street Fighter anime since the original movie back in the 90's. There is no information on the US DVD release of the Cowboy Bebop movie. Rest assured, it will have both English subs and a dub track and probably some trailers and extras and so forth.

On that note, keep your day job and stay away from comedy clubs.

eh answerman
have you heard what paytv providers/countries if austrailia will get the anime channel
i know a heap of fans of amine who would stay @ home and watch it 24/7 if it came here
my email is .................................. so don't hesitate to contact me if you know of ne thingy!!!!

Many people from many different countries have emailed me asking whether or not the Anime Network will be carried in their respective areas of the world. The answer is, I don't know. Nobody knows yet. America is obviously the first market, and once it's proven successful here, they'll probably expand out to other markets across the globe. You can't expect a slurry of information on something that was just barely announced last week. We're going to get details on this thing slowly, folks, so be patient.

ADV Films purchased the rights to Noir quite some time ago and has been pretty tight-lipped about the series and what they're doing. There is no mention of Noir on their site and release info is nowhere to be seen other than the fact that they have the rights to it. However, I just happened upon a preview for Noir in the third Excel Saga DVD! What's going on? Enquiring minds want to know!

Thank you,

Uh, they're getting close to releasing it, obviously. It'll probably be out next year. ADV is notoriously sketchy on release details. A trailer is a good sign; I remember seeing a trailer for the first Slayers movie on a tape about 6 or 7 months before it finally saw release. Don't expect it before next summer, but anything's possible.

Alright, that's all for now. See you on Friday. Everyone should go out and get the Extended DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring. Now that's quality filmmaking.

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