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Ms. Answerman
The Longest Question

by Rebecca Bundy,

No Friday morning rant today, though I offer a huge “Congratulations!” to everyone who's survived yet another school year (and an even bigger one to those who've graduated).

What do think of American cartoons that try to copy anime? The people that make shows like Teen Titans and Xiaolin Showdown say there're inspired by anime but they are really American cartoons with only a few visual characteristics of anime.


Technically, anime is a Japanese word used to describe animation, including cartoons, in general. So technically, American cartoons aren't trying to copy anime because they already are anime. The term anime, however, is used by the rest of the world to describe Japanese animation specifically.

As for my feelings about American cartoons who are using the same style of art and animation as the Japanese? Personally I find it annoying. I've seen Teen Titans on a number of occasions and it seems to me that they're just shoving a bunch of Japanese animation quirks in to try and give it an 'anime' feel. Teen Titans has never once gotten the 'feel' down right and instead rush through sweat drops, chibi art, steam bubbles, and any other type of anime knick knack that they could find. It's not a particularly bad show (I even enjoy the episodes where they're fighting Slade), I just wish they'd either get it right or stick to what they know.

I'm a huge Cowboy Bebop fan, have been for a while now. The one problem I've had though is that none of the OSTs(4 main, 3 mini disks, one 4 disk box set and one remix disk) have ever been lisenced in the US . I thought that Ban Dai would most likely lisence them, but they haven't. So I guess the main question here is since the new Cowboy Bebop Remix DVDs are starting to release this summer, is there any word on possible OST lisences for the OSTs? Josh


One Cowboy Bebop OST was released with the Cowboy Bebop Limited Edition box. As for the others, I've looked around for any news but it seems like the Cowboy Bebop OSTs are keeping themselves just low enough under the radar that no one is picking them up. It's always possible that there are issues with licensing the CDs as well that keep it from making its way over here, but there's really no way of knowing. If you want to hear some other music by Yoko Kanno, who created the Cowboy Bebop songs, you can buy the two OSTs for Wolf's Rain.

Does anime/manga/comics code exist like filmratings for movies ?





Anime, manga, and comics all follow a similar set of ratings; though not everyone uses the same system and generally the only rating that's enforced is the 18+. The youngest rating is an “All Ages”, which is similar to a G rating. Next is a “Young” rating, similar to PG, which is suitable for children under the age of 13. The “Teenage” or PG-13 rating is obviously for 13 and up. While movies have a nebulous area for viewers between 13-17 and fills up the R category with movies that may or may not be suitable for teenage viewers, anime and manga have a “Young Adult” or “Older Teen” rating that's geared towards viewers/readers 15/16+. This is probably the area that anime/manga/comics shine the most since most titles available in the US are geared towards this and the 13+ audience. Since it doesn't have an R/X or “Adult” (18+) rating, parents are more open to letting their teenagers consume material that would otherwise get an R rating since it's not suitable for 13-18 year olds.

Hi Answerman,

I was looking at a site that was selling the Tenjou Tenge TV DVD's. Except it was spelled Tenjho. I know the anime was the same. I was just curious about the spelling. But then I saw the Tenjou OVA on your guys' site. So, now I'm VERY CONFUSED! Is it Tenjou Tenge or Tenjho Tenge? Help me....



Tenjou (meaning “the heavens” or “heavenly”) is generally romanized as 'tenjou', though 'tenjoh' would also me correct since a long 'ou' makes the same sound as 'oh' in English. The spelling 'tenjho' is definitely awkward as far as romanization goes, though it would still be correct if you want to emphasize the 'h' instead of a long 'oh'. 'Tenjou' would be the most accurate way of spelling it, but CMX and Geneon have decided to make 'Tenjho' the official spelling in the US . I personally spell it as 'Tenjou', as does just about everyone I know who's familiar with this title, but it's up to you to use whichever spelling you're more comfortable with.

Mrs. Answerman, Fullmetal Alchemist has gone 26 episodes on Adult Swim. Now that a season is over, they are airing Samurai Champloo in their spot, and reruns of FMA are going monday-wednesday, i believe. So what happens to new episodes? are they just going to run 1-26 and be done with it? Are they waiting for DVD releases to catch up? What about 2nd GIG for GITS: SAC? I think i join a large part of the AS fan community in saying that FMA should be on AS to the end. After all, they have gotten a big fanbase now, why do they want to kill it?

Thanks, Jason  


There haven't been any announcements regarding Cartoon Network's plans for the 'second' season of FMA, but I would be extremely surprised if they decided to not air one of the hottest titles on CN. Currently they have a full platter of shows to air in the coming months (you can see a basic May-Sept list here), so it's very likely that they're holding off on airing the final episodes until A) the DVDs catch up and B) they can air it during a period when they can get the best ratings and biggest audience. As for GitS: SAC 2 nd GIG, it'll be coming to a TV near you in September.

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