Ms. Answerman: It's Filler Time!

by Rebecca Bundy,

If you're reading this, it's because I'm having trouble getting the internet set up at my new place. Instead of making you wait for two weeks, I decided to write this filler column with five “winning” emails that I've gotten since I started writing Answerman on a regular basis (yes I actually keep some of the funnier and/or annoying ones around). I know you guys love reading these, so here they are. The last question isn't bad but in the process of researching it online I ran across “horse rapes little girl” in a description for one site and decided to protect my sanity instead of continuing my search.

Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 14:19:32 -0600

Dear Ms. Answerman,
The first time I bought the Berserk series, it was recommended by a friend. He said it was a good buy, and one of his favorite anime's of all time. After having seen it, I can gladly say the same. I've been praying for a second season, and I've been hearing rumors lately that answer those prayers. Any chance of a second season for this amazing show? Will all the same staff be involved? Thanks!


I'd like to point out the date of this question, just so you guys know that I am STILL getting these from time to time.

hi my name is craig benson and i am a big anime fan but i only know a few tv shoes so i was wondering if u could write a letter back to me thats about like the anime of the week and tell facts about it like why ppl like it and what they think is interesting also could u put online manga on your web sight i have lots more questions so pleas write back

Hooray for run-on sentences! Emails like this make me wonder if the person was trying to misspell every word possible (shoes for shows?!?!?). Then I see words like “week” spelled correctly and realize that they weren't doing it on purpose.

Ms. Answerman,
[Title of show] was a surprisingly impressive find for me when I discovered it, as its insides didn't quite match what I percieved from the cover, and I knew practically nothing about it until I'd thrown myself whole-heartedly into the show. Now, having watched all 26 episodes of [distributor]'s release, I find it very high on my list of favorites, endearing, hilarious, and romantic all at once. However, though I would not have been surprised if episode 26 had indeed been the end, in keeping with the series' mostly episodic pace, I've discovered in my search of the Anime News Network's encyclopedia that there are, in fact, twice as many episodes as that. I've neither seen nor heard anything regarding a U.S. release of this second half of the series, despite my searching. Is it simply not on [distributor]'s agenda? Or just rather delayed? For now, I'm considering the manga for my future [Title of show] enjoyment, but I'm interested in the anime's future as well. Thanks in advance for your attention.

I think someone thought that they'd get some free publicity if I decided to answer this question. Instead I decided to edit out the show and distributor while posting it here for your enjoyment. I've gotten a few emails that read as though they're trying to sell a show and the question aspect of the email is tacked on to give it validity.
Also, don't worry about gushing about your favorite show if you're asking me a question. It's extremely rare that I won't answer a question because it seems like you're trying to sell or promote it.

Yukiko san..............i met you challenge.i know is about love.
i want to talk with you. One hint Montreal.
I got your peach card sitting on my lap. My vision,is extra ordinary .please allow me to fulfill the kindness that was put into my hands.

This is spam right? But what's it selling? And if it's not spam, it's probably my absolute favorite “weird” email of all time. I love it because it sounds like broken poetry and yet... I have no clue why the heck it was sent to me! A lot of times it makes me laugh when I reread this. Other times I wonder what the story is behind this email. Did these two have one of those innocent relationships that only lasted a week or two before one of them had to return home and now Yukiko will never know how much it meant to him because he sent it to the wrong email address? Or was she blowing him off by giving him the wrong email?

Ms. Answerman-
What's the deal with tentacles and hentai? I've never seen a hentai anime nor do I plan to, but I've read enough Shelf Life reviews of hentai to wonder what gives with all the tentacles. And Animerica has a “naughty tentacles” warning as part of their ratings guide. No need to go into details, but is the whole tentacles thing unique to hentai anime or not?

My guess is that someone realized that there wasn't a huge market for women being molested/raped/etc by guys with 10-foot-long dicks. Not only that, but you'd have to have ten of these guys all in the same shot as the girl, which would result in fewer shots of said girl reacting to the situation (except in cases of extreme close-ups). With tentacles, however, you only need one body (though some use more). It's too bad for the guy who came up with the idea since you can't copyright something like tentacle rape.

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