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Astro Toy
Super Action Statue Joseph Joestar

by David Cabrera,

Super Action Statue Joseph Joestar
Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II: Battle Tendency
Maker: Medicos
Price: $55

Hey, guys, back from Otakon over here! Did you see Yoko Kanno in concert? I hope you did, for your sake. She was unbelievable. I'm also very happy to say that my foray into comic sales was a huge success. The book sold out early in the convention, and it was tremendously gratifying to meet the fans. Thanks so much to the people who showed up, and that one kind compliment on Astro Toy. I guess people are reading us!

But seriously, let's get to it. I really wanted to have a Jojo Part II character at the column during the TV series' run, but well, everybody had that idea. Caesar (complete with bubble accessories) and Joseph, the titular Jojo of this arc, both sold out almost immediately after the TV show got to Part II. Side note: do you know that the Jojo Part III manga is going back into print soon? If you're waiting impatiently for the Part III anime, don't hesitate to go and get the source material! I guarantee you that as good as the anime is, Araki's original work blows it away, and Part III is among the best shonen manga you will ever read.

Seriously, though, let's get to it. It's no surprise from this column that I really like the Super Action Statue line. In fact, I think they're consistently the best figures you can get in the price range. I like these better than most Figuarts, Revoltechs, you name it. Figma? Please. But you can't just keep buying figures from one series over and over again, so I only make occasional purchases from these huge, one-series lines (see also Saint Seiya, the best figures in their price range).

Look at this guy's head alone. Strands of hair stick out, it's not just one plastic part. It's layered in the back (80s mullet, of course). The face is definitely one of Araki's: is that a slight smirk? Fantastic detail here and everywhere else on the figure, paint as well.

The great sculpt does not, on the other hand, get in the way of the figure's movement. Jojo is known for the outlandish fashion-model poses the characters take throughout the story. (I also hope you didn't miss out on Jojo's Posing School at Otakon, my friends run it!) Of course, the best way to test true Jojo compatibility is to put the figure through the actual poses from the manga. This one is the cover of volume 8, which is demanding: in the original Joseph has his arms straight up over the back of his head, with his hands at the opposite elbow. Arm-crossing like that is one of those things that action figures just don't do, but we can get close to it.

This is one of the poses off the box, also from the manga. I just can't hold back when it comes to those Jojo poses!

All the accessories are the weapons that Joseph improvises with throughout Part II, particularly those used in the chariot race with Wham. The main piece is definitely the huge crossbow: again, look at the gorgeous detail on this piece. This isn't some cheap one-tone plastic accessory thrown in as an afterthought. Look at those textures, that gold trim! Medicos doesn't mess around with any part of the package.

The crossbow can also be displayed unloaded by replacing the bow and string parts. The string doesn't actually move.

Ditto for the sledgehammer, also looks great. Yes, this one is a pose from the manga. Of course the figure comes with hands specifically molded to hold each of the weapons.

The final weapon is the pair of steel clackers (did clackers exist in the 1920s?) Jojo desperately employs in his first fight with Wham. You know they're Jojo's 'cause of the J. Surprisingly there's only one pair, rather than the two Jojo uses in the manga.

This line uses alternate heads for facial expressions rather than take-apart faces, and there's only one here: an enraged Joseph wearing Caesar's headband.

Of course this wouldn't be complete without a depiction of Joseph's strongest tactic: running away.

As someone who has reviewed an action figure every two weeks for a few years now, the highest recommendation that I can give for a line is that I'm consistently impressed by it. I haven't reviewed a bad SAS figure, and it's unlikely that I ever will. If you're a Jojo fan, then you're in good hands as far as action figures go. Buy without regrets.

We paid $55 at Amiami for this figure. Comprehensive as the Super Action Statue line is, you can also buy Caesar Zeppeli and the three main Pillar Men (Cars, Wham, and AC/DC.) Part III's old Joseph (with Iggy) exists but is hard to find. Sadly, nobody has made an action figure out of the “I brought tequila!” scene, in which Joseph very unconvincingly cross-dresses in order to sneak into a Nazi laboratory.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Stroheim statue.

When he isn't killing time on fighting games and mahjong, David Cabrera makes moe 4-panel comics about videogames at Kawaiikochan. You can follow him on Twitter @sasuraiger.

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