Metropolis DVD and T-Shirt Contest Entry Form

February 1, 2002

Metropolis DVD and T-Shirt Contest Entry Form

If you haven´t already, please read the rules
  1. What year was Osamu Tezuka born?
  2. What was the first animated tv show, produced in Japan, to be televised on Japanese television.
  3. Tezuka´s Metropolis is (based on/inspired by/unrelated to) Fritz Lang´s 1930´s silent Movie Metropolis.
  4. Who directed Tezuka´s Metropolis?
  5. Name the manga/series, produced by Tezuka, that many people call the first Shoujo series.
  6. Name an adult (bishoujo / hentai) movie produced by Tezuka.
  7. Name a second adult movie by Tezuka.
  8. Name Tezuka´s first feature Animation.
  9. What Studio was this film created for?
  10. How many more films did Tezuka create for them?
  11. What manga series/recent anime series tells the story of Tezuka´s great-grandfather, a doctor at the end of the Shogunate.
  12. "Katy the Kitty Witch" was a character from which Tezuka-directed work?
  13. What happenned to Astro in the final episode of the Astro Boy TV series, as it aired in Japan.
  14. What profession did Osamu Tezuka study towards?
  15. How many episodes was Tezuka´s Metropolis TV series?
  16. Where do the big eyes in Anime come from?
  17. What was Tezuka´s first published tankoubon?
  18. What was the name of the first production company formed by Tezuka
  19. What year did it close?
  20. What Tezuka title is considered by many to be the inspiration behind the Lion King?
  21. What was Tezuka´s first published Manga?
  22. Name Tezuka´s First Anime / Live action hybrid.
  23. What year was it released?
  24. Name another member of Tezuka´s family (by mariage) who is an award winning Manga artist.
  25. What is the most important award this person has won?
  26. Which Tezuka Manga has been translated in Esperanto?
  27. Where was Osamu Tezuka spotted last March?
  28. What are the two Tezuka TV series that started in 1965?
  29. Name three experimental films created by Tezuka in the Eighties.
  30. What Year were these three films released on video?
  31. There is a museum in Tezuka´s honor, where is it?
  32. Why is it there?
  33. What was Tezuka´s Mother´s name?
  34. How old was Tezuka when he wrote his first, not necessarilly published, Manga?
  35. What year did Osamu Tezuka die?

    Questions 36 - 40 Name the title that the picture is from.

  36. Tezuka Trivia Image 1

  37. Tezuka Trivia Image 2

  38. Tezuka Trivia Image 3

  39. Tezuka Trivia Image 4

  40. Tezuka Trivia Image 5
Contest Closed

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