Anime Trivia Contest

August 7, 2002
Anime News Network has been provided a number of prizes from Stonebridge Press and Protoculture Addicts. We will be giving away one of these prizes every week while supplies last.

Here are the rules:
Contest Limited to registered users of the ANN Forums;
Contest is not open to staff of Anime News Network, Protoculture Addicts or Stonebridge Press;
We will ask multiple questions a week with no set frequency;
The answers to the questions may, or may not be found on ANN;
Questions will, and answers must be, posted in the Anime Trivia Contest forum;
The first person to correctly answer each question gets points for the answer;
1 to 10 points will be awarded depending on how good the answer is (more detail means more points);
Points will be awarded in a subjective manner by the ANN staff member who posted the question;
In the matter of a tie breaking question will be posted;
Points awarded are final and not subject to discussion, any one who complains about the awarding method will be disqualified from that week's contest;
Discussions about the answers are encouraged and bonus points may be given as a reward for intelligent conversation;
Each contest week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday;*
Contest will continue until the prize supply is exhausted;
ANN reserves the right to retroactively add, remove or change rules when and how we see fit.

*However due to our schedule, we may not count and announce the winners till a later date. Tie breaking questions will generally be posted during the following week.

This contest is sponsored by:

Protoculture Addicts


Stonebridge Press

Please visit their websites and take a look at their offerings to see if they have anything that interests you.

Prizes currently available:
Anime Trivia Quiz Book Episode 1
Anime Trivia Quizbook Episode 2
Anime Essentials

Prizes that have already been claimed:
Hayao Miyazaki - Master of Animation
The Anime Encyclopedia A Guide to Japanese Animation SInce 1917 2 copies
Anime a Guide to Japanese Animation 1963-1988 [2 copies]
Kanji Pic o Graphix
Protoculture Addicts Subscription(1 Year, 6 issues) [2 subscriptions]
Dreamland Japan
The Anime Companion

Week 7 (September 16th - 22nd) Special Rules.

The Trivia Contest will take a different turn this week.


We're going to hold 3 sessions, of 40 questions each. 1 Point per question, first right answer gets the point. Additionally, we will be giving out 1 prize per session, instead of the usual 1 prize per week. To test your knowledge, all you have to do is show up in #animenewsnetwork channel on DALnet at the scheduled times. These sessions are open to everyone, not just forum members!

The sessions will be on Wednesday at 7pm, Thursday at 8pm and Saturday at 4pm, eastern standard time. Try to get in at least 10 minutes ahead of time.

If you've never used IRC before, there's an excellent informational website here: (FAQ)

If you use Windows, a client may be found here:
If you use Macintosh, try
If you use *nix, try IRCII, XChat, or KVIrc

You can connect to dalnet with this information:
Port: 6666
For other servers, or more network information, try Dalnet's homepage:

Dalnet's webpage also provides a Javachat that everyone should be able to use

To join the channel via the Javachat, you need to type:
/join #animenewsnetwork

For the 3rd "IRC" session we will be moving away from IRC and onto a single server html chat. This should make the session more accessible to more people, and remove some lag issues.

Enter here.

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