Millennium Actress Screening Tickets

August 20, 2003
Anime News Network has been given 5 pairs of tickets to give away to the Millennium Actress premieres in Boston, New York, LA, Toronto and Chicago (five pairs in each city).

We're going to make this contest extremely easy, if you live in one of the above cities (or can travel there), just enter your name, city and e-mail address in the form below, and we'll randomly select 25 winners this Friday morning.


Although winners have been picked for Boston, New York, LA, Toronto and Chicago, Dreamworks has offered us five more pairs of tickets for San Francisco. Contest for San Francisco will be closed on September 5th at 11:59 pm est

Screenings are as follows:

New York : LCE E-Walk September 4th 7pm
Los Angeles: Westwood Landmark Regent September 4th 7.30pm
Chicago: Loews Esquire September 10th 7.30pm
Boston: AMC Fenway September 3rd 2.30pm
Toronto: F-Canada SQ September 10th 7pm
San Francisco: Loews Metron September 9th 7.30p

Enter your name here:

Enter your e-mail address here:

What City would you like tickets for?

The Fine Print: Anime News Network reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time (Unlikely to happen). Contest is open to any and all residents of the planet Earth and neighbour parallel dimensions, however prizes will only be shipped within the continental United States and Canada (So if you win, but you live in Antarctica, you have to arrange to have it sent to someone living in the appropriate area, and they can send it to you.) Contestant names, e-mail and mailing addresses will not be given out to any one and will be erased when the winners have been confirmed. Non-winners will not be contacted, spammed or harassed in any way. We reserve the right to retroactively add new rules when and how we see fit.

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