Enchanted Arms Contest

August 23, 2006

Ubisoft has provided Anime News Network with 5 copies of their upcoming release of Enchanted Arms for the XBox 360. Want a copy? It's easy to win, all you have to do fill out the form below, and 5 lucky winners will be drawn at random from all those who submitted correct answers.

Visit the official Enchanted Arms website here.
Download the trailer here.

Enter your name here:

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What is the name of the type of magic that is used in Enchanted Arms? :

Hint: The answer can be found on the Official Enchanted Arms Website.

And then press this button:
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Submission Deadline: 2006-09-04 11:59pm EST.

Monty Roark
William Lin
Ricardo Cantu
Marion Wiessner
Kevin Lee


The Fine Print: Anime News Network reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time (unlikely to happen). Contest is open to any and all residents of the planet Earth and neighbour parallel dimensions, but prizes will only be shipped within the continental United States and Canada (So if you win, but you live in Antarctica, you have to arrange to have it sent to someone living in the appropriate area, and they can send it to you.) Winners' names will be posted on AnimeNewsNetwork.com, their mailing addresses will be provided to our shipping agent of choice (ie: USPS) and no one else. Winners' addresses and e-mail addresses will be erased once the prizes have been shipped. Non-winners' names, e-mail and mailing addresses will not be given out to any one and will be erased when the winners have been confirmed. Non-winners will not be contacted, spammed or harassed in any way. We reserve the right to retroactively add new rules when and how we see fit.

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