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ACen 2001: Viz

by George Phillips,

Carl Horn, the last-minute replacement for Toshi Yoshida primarily discussed the Viz and Bandai co-production of Jin-Roh.

For information concerning Jin-Roh, see our review of the movie. Ocean Studios dubbed the film into English, and will be given a limited theatrical release. Similar to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", a few prints of the film will be made and released to select cities. Should Jin-Roh perform admirably enough, additional cities will play this movie.

In other manga news, the Evangelion manga will start again in July. This title is often delayed because the Japanese manga release is sporadic; although it's supposed to be in Shōnen Ace, a monthly production, oftentimes the author skips a month or two. This, in turn, delays the American release of the manga.

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