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Gutsoon! / Raijin Comics

A distribution deal with Diamond has been signed for both Raijin and Fujin. Location sale strategies are currently under development, but according to Gatsoon! representatives, market coverage will be "as wide as possible," to include stores, newsstands, bookshops and in general, "places you haven't seen manga before." Titles included in Raijin Comics will also be available in graphic novel format, starting with the December release of Fist of the North Star. In addition, properties in Raijin will be developmed for animation and live action. Finally, although if title carried in the magazine prove to be particularly unpopular, they will be dropped, it is committed to running popular titles to completion, regardless of length. Raijin is also currently accepting original story submissions; rules and other information will be available online at the Raijin Comics website.

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