Anime Boston 2003
Sunday and Concluding Thoughts

by Mikhail Koulikov & Bamboo Dong,
Sunday, April 20

The morning was bright and sunny as the last crowd of people made their way to the different panels and video rooms on Sunday. The panels that were conducted were interesting and entertaining, and the remainder of the convention ran smoothly until the closing ceremony. The only signs of struggle were for the overflow autograph sessions, whose lines had to be capped because of their significant length. Regardless of this understandable setback, the day was a tremendous success. The cosplayers were still displaying their costumes, and the dealer room waremained jam packed with customers.

Concluding Thoughts

Without a doubt, Anime Boston was a definite success. Even with the organizational mistakes that come with any first time convention, it was still a great chance for fans to get together and enjoy each other's company. Fun Panels and entertaining events made this an experience that many of the attendees will not forget any time soon. If this year was an unorganized success, one can only imagine teh potential for greatness that will be Anime Boston 2004.

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