Anime Expo 2003
The Right Stuf International

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Company Representative: Shawne Kleckner

Additionally, five new adult titles, all part of The Vanilla Series, these are:

Little Monica's Story
Ingoku Byoutou
Meido No Yakata
Siroki Tensitati No Londo

More new acquisitions will be announced throughout the rest of 2003.

Following the upcoming Japanese DVD release of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV series and OVA, Right Stuf will issue a box set rerelease of the full series, to include “as many extras as it would be possible to fit.”

Headline Studios' work on dubbing Gravitation is set to conclude within a month, and release is expected starting in the spring of 2004.

Right Stuf is continuing to release anime soundtracks on the AnimeTrax label, summer release dates for AnimeTrax are as follows:

7/29 - Ninja Resurrection OST CD
8/26 - Princess Nine OST CD 1
8/26 - Giant Robo OST CD 1
9/30 - Princess Nine OST CD 2
9/30 - Giant Robo OST CD 2

Overall, Right Stuf's focus throughout the past year has been on trying to get out His and Her Circumstances (which we just announced the last volume of), Comic Party, and Gravitation.

ANN's original coverage of TRSI's AX Panel included a couple mistakes that we would like to point out (these have all been corrected above).

1) TRSI has not licensed "World's End."
2) Headline, not Newline is working on Gravitation.
3) The date mentionned for the Princess Nine OST 1 was incorrect.

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