Big Apple Anime Fest
Dark Horse Comics

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Studio Representative: Tim Ervin-Gore

Dark Horse has recently scored a major licensing victory by signing Fred "Piro" Gallagher of the popular webmanga Megatokyo. According to Mr. Ervin-Gore, panel, Piro, who was approached by several other companies before signing with Dark Horse, will "have a carde blanche" as far as the direction of his work is concerned. This will include the possible release of other titles he is working on or considering, such as Warmth, which appeared for one issue in IC Entertainment's Amerimanga compilation.

Mr. Ervin-Gore reconfirmed the plans Dark Horse has for releasing Hellsing, Berserk and Trigun. Because of its violent and graphic nature, Berserk will ship to stores shrink-wrapped.

In addition, he commented on science fiction/fantasy publisher Del Rey Books entering the manga market. In his words, while Dark Horse views Del Rey as somewhat of a threat, it fades in comparison to worries over the number of titles Tokyopop has been releasing and amount of retailer shelf space it has secured.

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