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by Mikhail Koulikov,
Shoujocon 2003 didn't feature a very strong industry pressence, in fact the only industry panel was Matt Greenfield's, which was added to the schedule at the last minute.

Studio Representative: Matt Greenfield

Shoujocon being a specialized event, and a comparatively small one, it was no surprise that the industry presence at this year's convention was very light. However, at the ADV Films panel, producer Matt Greenfield discussed the company's plans for the rest of the year. Mr. Greenfield confirmed that due to rights issues, the release of the Sailor Moon R Complete Set is missing one episode. The upcoming Gō Nagai Perfect Collection is also delayed until an unspecified date due to a rights issue.

Titles in the recently established ADV Manga line will begin to appear in stores starting 09/15. Currently, 35 titles are licensed. The only one discussed at length at the panel was Cat Shit One, to be retitled "Apocalypse Meow", described as an anthropomorphic dark comedy take on the Vietnam War. All titles will be released unflipped, at a price point of $9.95. No final decision has been reached on translation of sound effects, but all options, including translations, footnotes, and separate reference pages, are being considered.

Anime soundtracks on the ADV Music label will continue to be released at a rate of around four new CD's per month.

The first two titles to be developed under the ADV Toys merchandise line will be Angelic Layer and Azumanga Daioh. All types of merchandise, both already available in Japan and exclusive to North America, will be released. While no specific release dates were given, Mr. Greenfield stated that ADV is aiming to have merchandise available in time for the winter holidays.

All questions regarding ADV's Anime Network video-on-demand service were directed to the website. Technical issues that would allow airing of subtitled shows are currently being resolved.

Finally, the live-action film "The Princess Blade" will open in Honolulu and Austin in the upcoming weeks and then procede to the festival circuit. Cities where it is currently playing, as well as other information, are listed at www.theprincessblade.com.

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