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Anime USA

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Coming, as it does, on the last weekend of October, far towards the end of the convention season, Anime USA is not particularly known as a convention heavy on licensing announcements. On the flip side of the same coin, however, Anime USA is also a convention where anime studios can clarify previous announcements and begin revealing plans for the future.

A.D. Vision (studio representative: David L. Williams)

No new licenses, but three anime from ADV's back catalog are going to be making their way to DVD in the near future: Debutante Detective Corps, MAPS, and Princess Minerva. Although ADV plans to release continue releasing some of their back catalog titles onto DVD, there are currently no plans to convert the entire catalog.

The recent retraction of the announcement that the ADV has licensed The Place Promised in Our Early Days for US theatrical release is based on an internal misunderstanding. The Japanese company producing the film had in fact approached ADV to explore possible release opportunities, but there was no official agreement or licensing deal reached.

The 12-minute Kino's Journey "episode 0" OVA may be released in the US, but any release format is yet to be determined.

As announced earlier, the version of Super Milk-chan that will air on the Cartoon Network will be the dub of the Japanese version, rather than the Americanized dub produced by ADV.

In light of the success of ADV Manga, and given that ADV now has both print publishing experience and a large translator staff, ADV may consider publishing translations of Japanese novels related to anime properties, such as Kino's Journey, Legend of Galactic Heroes, and Banner of the Stars.

Studio Ironcat (studio representative: Steven R. Bennett, IV)

As a small company in an extremely competitive market, Studio Ironcat is still undergoing restructuring and exploring various business opportunities, including accepting subcontracting assignments from other publishers. Orders for Ironcat manga and merchandise are still being filled, and Studio Ironcat is by no means out of business.

The only other item of interest to come out of Anime USA was at the Inu Yasha panel, where Viz Entertainment producer Toshifumi Yoshida mentioned he has left Viz to work as an independent consultant. He will remain the producer of Inu Yasha, but is no longer under exclusive contract with Viz.

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