Otakon 2005
Tofu Records

by Bamboo Dong,
Tofu Records
Representatives: Ai Kennedy, Yuriko Inagaki

The panel room was packed on Saturday afternoon for the chance to hear about Tofu Records' new announcements. Much to the dismay of attendees though, the panel ran into problems early on.

Originally, Kennedy and Inagaki had wanted to play a recording of TM Revolution, but they weren't provided with the regionless DVD player that they had asked for. Even after stalling for several minutes, they were unable to procure one, or even find a remote for the Region 1 player they were using for their other videos.

Despite this setback, the rest of the panel went off without a hitch. Interspersing news of their new releases with music videos, they highlighted some of their upcoming albums from artists like the Polysics and L'Arc~en~Ciel.

The new L'Arc~en~Ciel album, “Awake,” will be released on September 20. Retailing for $17, it will come with a bonus track, which will be the Japanese concert version of “Heaven's Drive.”

The end of October will see the release of Asian Kung Fu Generation's “Soul Flux” CD. A bonus DVD will also be included.

Kennedy then talked about Tofu's newest project, “JPop CD 2.” Most of the songs will be themes from anime series and live action movies. Notable tracks include the theme from the Pokemon movie by Puffy AmiYumi, a Fullmetal Alchemist theme from Asian Kung Fu Generation, a Eureka 7 theme by Flow, the Honey & Clover theme by Yuki (of Judy and Mary fame), and the theme from Kamikaze Girls by Tommy Heavenly. Afterwards, videos were shown for above mentioned tracks.

During the question and answer session, a fan asked whether or not Tofu would release a Nami Tamaki DVD, but the panelists merely said that they would think about it.

The track listing for JPop CD 2 is shown below:

Track / Artist Listing

  1. D-tecnoLIFE / UVERworld
    (Fullmetal Alchemist)
    (BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad)
  4. Beginnings (Hajimari no Uta) / Puffy AmiYumi
    (Pocket Monster Advance Generation: Myuu to Hadou no Yuusha)
  5. Dramatic / YUKI
    (Honey and Clover)
  6. Houkigumo / RYTHEM
    (Yakitate!! Japan)
  7. DAYS / FLOW
    (Eureka 7)
  8. LOST HEAVEN / L'Arc~en~Ciel
    (Fullmetal Alchemist - The Conqueror of Shambala)
  9. Information / Suitesho-jo
    (E's Otherwise)
    (Gundam Seed Destiny)
  11. *Asterisk*/ ORANGE RANGE
  12. Hey my friend / Tommy heavenly6
    (Kamikaze Girls)
  13. pureness / Nana Kitade
    (BEET the Vandel Buster)
  14. Glaring Dream / Kinya Kotani
  15. Life is Like a Boat / Rie fu

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