Otakon 2005
Score Entertainment

by Sean Broestl,
Score Entertainment

Representatives: Gregory Marques

Score's Saturday morning panel was largely informational, as Score Entertainment did not have any new licenses to announce, and the majority of the company's staff was at Gen Con. Gregory Marques introduced some of the company's recent anime-based card game properties and answered questions.

The most frequently referred to topic at the panel was Score's upcoming (2006) card game based on the anime series Fruits Basket. It will be released as a “one box” game – meaning that everything you need to play the game is included in a single box. There's not as much of a collectable aspect as there are in traditional card games.

Marques also took some time during the panel to discuss the company's development process for new games. First, they discuss anime that they think would make a good game. Next, they will discuss the game with the licensor, and finally, design a game around the property. Normally, they will go through a US licensor to be able to make screen captures for the cards.

In some cases though, they need to make some original art. In the case of Score's upcoming Epic Battles game (September 15, 2004). The game is based on the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat fighting game franchises.

The Yu Yu Hakusho card game has been discontinued as of March 18th, 2004. Tournament play will continue, but no further expansion decks are going to be released.

Some upcoming release dates:

Epic Battles – September 15, 2005
5th Inu Yasha series – November
2nd Dragonball Z series – November
Sonic X – November

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