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Otakon 2005
The Right Stuf International

by Mikhail Koulikov,
The Right Stuf International
Representative: Kris Kleckner

After showing a trailer of titles the company is currently working on or will be releasing in the near future, Kleckner officially announced that TRSI has acquired the rights to the classic Osamu Tezuka series, 1963's Astro Boy and 1965's Kimba the White Lion. ANN reported these licenses earlier in the year, after another company erroneously stated that it held the rights to Astro Boy, but this is the first time either license has been announced at an industry panel. Astro Boy will be released sometime in 2006, while Kimba is scheduled for a November release, as a thinpak of either eleven DVD-9's (the standard DVD format) or six DVD-18's (a larger-capacity DVD format, compatible with standard players). In both cases, TRSI will be restoring whatever masters are available, and plans to release both shows uncut, with the full original Japanese dialogue. Kleckner specifically mentioned that if anyone has access to masters or recordings of either series, TRSI is interested in hearing from you.

Moving on to other recent and upcoming titles, she discussed the Gravitation TV series and OVA, Piano, To Heart, Boys Be…, and 2x2 Shinobuden.

Extras on the Gravitation OAV will include a soundtrack-only track, two Japanese sneak previews, and the preview for the first episode of the TV series. Both of the Japanese sneak previews include an incorrect English translation of the dialogue that the Japanese production company prepared and hard-coded. TRSI was not able to remove these, but will add correct subtitles on the top of the screen.

An unusual extra on Piano will be a "visual monologue", showing certain scenes from the series with a voiceover from the point of view of the main character.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor Ultra Collection will include over five hours of extras, such as the first part of an exclusive Tylor novella and the original soundtrack. The second part of the novella will be included in the Tylor OVA Ultra Collection box.

2x2: Shinobuden is currently being translated, and is scheduled for release sometime in 2006. Because the script is very heavy on puns, references, and accents, any information from fans that would help the translation team is appreciated.

To Heart is being digitally restored for its 2006 release, and release of Boys Be… is scheduled for spring of 2006 as well. TRSI will also release to DVD Weather Report Girl, a title from their back catalog.

There is definite interest in releasing an Ultra box set for His and Her Circumstances. However, any progress on this would depend first and foremost on cooperation from Gainax. TRSI are also working to be able to release the Gravitation OST's, and Kleckner "hopes" they will be available in the US fairly soon, whether from Right Stuf or from another publisher. Right now, in light of the number of companies that are already publishing anime-related novels, TRSI is not interested in entering this market.

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