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Anime Expo 2006
Broccoli International USA

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Director of Operations Shizuki Yamashita presented the Anime Expo 2006 Broccoli Entertainment panel, one of only two industry sessions held on the first day of the event.

Throughout 2006, Broccoli will be focusing primarily on releasing products in its Broccoli Books and Broccoli Gear lines. Titles for which it holds non-exclusive merchandising rights include such anime as Samurai Champloo, Trigun, Hellsing, Fullmetal Alchemist and Fruits Basket. Broccoli also holds the merchandising rights for the titles they release. These licenses extend to cover items like t-shirts, clear posters, shot glasses, cellphone straps, dolls and headgear. For their own titles they also produce plushies and other merchandise. Beyond anime, Broccoli will also be producing a range of videogame-branded merchandise, such as an Onimusha calendar and various items for Disgaea.

Broccoli Books, the company's publishing division, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Galaxy Angel 2, Koge Donbo's Kon Kon Kokon, and the Disgaea Character Animation artbook. Kon Kon Kokon is currently scheduled to begin publication in the summer of 2007, while the Disgaea artbook will be out in November. Broccoli is also actively looking at licensing the artbooks for the other NIS games like Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom. There is also a hardcover Juvenile Orion artbook currently in production, due out in September. There was a third manga Broccoli was hoping to announce, but unfortunately, Square Enix requested that the announcement be held off until San Diego ComicCon.

The Disgaea manga is scheduled to be released in September, 2006.

SynchPoint is considering releasing the remainder of I'm Gonna Be An Angel as a single box, but production on both that and the Ultimate Edition release of FLCL has slowed significantly as the company focuses on its manga titles.

Finally although at one point last year, an unnamed company that was producing the Galaxy Angel videogame approached Broccoli with a request for translation assistance, Broccoli is not currently involved with this project, and its status is unknown.

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