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New York ComicCon
NYCC - Tokyopop

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Studio representative - Lilian Diaz-Przbyl

New manga licenses: Strawberry Marshmallow, Trinity Blood, Welcome to the NHK, My-HiME, Genjino-Seza, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Peach Girl: Sae's Story, Platinum Garden, Grenadier, Bus Gamer, Erementar Gerard, Otogi Zoushi, Voices of a Distant Star, Le Portrait de Petite Cossette. As is frequently the case with Tokyopop convention announcements, a number of these titles have already been mentioned as having been licensed, or have appeared on release schedules. Tokyopop will also be releasing the manhwa Angel Cup, Recast, Queens and Peppermint.

Upcoming novels include Dot Hack: Another Birth, the Gundam Seed novelization, volume two of Gravitation (volume one is currently available), volumes one and two of Devil May Cry and volumes one and two of Love Hina. Other manga Lilian highlighted were Dragon Head, which recently earned a starred review from Publisher's Weekly, Juror 13, Anima, Life, Rozen Maiden, Kami-Kaze and Loveless, Dragon Voice, and the Great Teacher Onizuka prequel "GTO: Shonen Junan Gumi", which will be released starting sometime in 2007 and will run across fourteen volumes (down from 25 volumes in Japan, thanks to a longer page count in the American edition.) Featured OEL manga include Princess Ai volume 3, Re:Play, Riding Shotgun, Fool's Gold, Go With Grace, MBQ volume 2, Warcraft: Sunwell Trilogy, and Boys of Summer. The first volume of Warcraft is currently out, and volumes two and three will be released later this month and in July respectively. Boys of Summer is a unique project which the author, Chuck Austin, originally pitched to several American comic companies. After Tokyopop picked the title up, it paired Austin with a Japanese arist, Hiroki Utsuka, to create a unique blend of storytelling and art.

As recently announced, Tokyopop will be publishing original manga based on the movies Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Mirrormask. Labyrinth, which will be a sequel to the 1982 movie, will be scripted by industry veteran Jake Forbes, and is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2007. The Dark Crystal will follow later that year, and the artist selected to draw the Mirrormask manga will be announced over the summer.

Finally, beyond graphic novels, Tokyopop manga are currently featured in CosmoGirl (Svetlana Chmakova's The Adventures of CosmoGirl) and in the sunday comics sections of over forty major newspapers (Peach Fuzz.) In 2007, original Van Von Hunter strips will also begin appearing in newspapers.

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