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Otakon 2007
Harmony Gold

by Evan Miller,

Panelist Steve Yun introduced himself and showed a few clips of the upcoming collector's edition DVD release of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. The DVD is scheduled for release from Funimation in November 2007.

Yun hinted that an announcement about the next Shadow Chronicles project would be made at San Diego Comic-Con.

An audience member asked about the canceled CGI animation project Robotech 3000. Yun mentioned that the trailer for the project will appear on the forthcoming collector's edition DVD. Robotech 3000, originally announced in 1999, was canceled due to negative fan feedback at screenings of the trailer.

Questions were asked about licensing of other Macross series. Yun stressed that Harmony Gold does not oppose licensing the Macross series or other Macross titles for dubbed and subbed releases. However, the legal battle in Japan between Tatsunoko and Big West over the foreign distribution rights for the series has halted the possibility of new license agreements.

When asked how the movie was selling, Yun responded that Funimation's decision to release a special edition of the film indicates that the movie is selling well. The idea of releasing the movie in Japan as a sequel to Genesis Climber Mospeada was also mentioned. Yun said that he has seen “fansubs” of Shadow Chronicles with Japanese subtitles created by Japanese fans.

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