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Anime Expo 2008
Digital Manga Publishing

by Carlo Santos,
Rachel Livingston
Ben Applegate

Digital Manga's panel began with announcements of upcoming new titles. New releases for later in 2008 include FafnerDead Aggressor (novel), Knights, and Hakua Ugetsu's Flamboyant (artbook). The first issue of the Megami Deluxe mook (magazine-book) is also now available.

New manga titles for 2009 include UtaHime, Overclock: Once in a Blue Moon, Ghost Hunt Scramble!, Tale of a White Knight, 1 Sakura Hill, Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, RH Plus, and Time For Magic. The newly founded Doki Doki imprint also brings Princess Princess+, Happy Boys, Wolf God, Otodama, Crimson Cross, and Millennium Prime Minister.

DMP's Pop Japan Travel also continues to offer various anime- and manga-related tours; the most recent upcoming tour is "Mind Over Manga" in August, which takes participants to the Comitia doujinshi festival with an opportunity to sell their own works. A video of previous Pop Japan tours was also shown.

The panel was then opened to questions. Livingston discussed some of the new manga titles in greater detail; potential favorites include Otodama and Happy Boys. Many fans also expressed an interest in various Pop Japan packages, especially yaoi-related tours. The panel ended with a raffle prize drawing.

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