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G4 Presents San Diego Comic-Con 2008
G4 Presents: Comic-Con '08 - Dark Horse

by Bamboo Dong,

The Dark Horse panel focused mainly on their American comics releases, breezing through titles like Serenity, Clone Wars, and Captain Hammer, of Dr. Horrible fame. Towards the end of the panel, they devoted a few minutes to talking about their upcoming manga releases. Next March, they will be releasing omnibus editions of CLAMP's Clover series. In Summer 2009, they'll also be releasing a series of smaller 80-page manga volumes, also drawn by CLAMP. Currently titled “Mangettes,” it will be released simultaneously in Japan and the US, and is a collaboration with Dark Horse.

They then briefly mentioned their recent acquisition of Shinjuku, which was announced at Anime Expo.

Before they could talk more about their manga division, the panelists introduced their surprise guest, Bruce Campbell. The cult favorite actor was there to talk about his film, My Name is Bruce, as well as answer a few questions from the audience.

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