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Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008
Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 - Ultraviolet: Code 044 Panel

by Evan Miller,

Panelists: Osamu Dezaki, Masao Maruyama, Romi Paku

Based on the feature film starring Milla Jovovich, the TV anime adaptation of the Ultraviolet franchise has been one of the bigger stories at this year's Tokyo International Anime Fair. Mere hours before this panel took place, Sony Entertainment announced their involvement with the project, which includes a broadcast of the 12-episode anime series to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their anime channel Animax.

The panel was run by a staff person from Animax and attended by the some of the big names behind the project. Panelists included famed Ashita no Joe anime director Dezaki Osamu, who will direct the series, MadHouse producer Masao Maruyama, and famous voice actress Romi Paku, who will voice the title character.

Dezaki, who has been involved with many projects aimed at a younger, more fan-oriented audience in recent years (the Hamtaro, Air, and Clannad movies), signaled his excitement to be involved in a more adult-oriented project. He made special mention of his vision for the lead character as a “cool, male-acting female.” Both Dezaki and Maruyama were frank about their desire to take on the project. “If we don't do something fun like this now,” said Maruyama, referring to his age, “we're never going to do it.”

Paku shared the enthusiasm of the others on stage. “Mr. Maruyama called me about the project, and I'm thrilled to be involved,” said Park, joking, “it feels like I am working with two monsters sometimes though.” All three applauded the “passionate efforts” of the many staff and directors on the project. Dezaki mentioned that the “mature” tone of the series was important, and that Paku is doing a fantastic job at breathing new life into the character that Jovovich played in the live-action film.

Ultraviolet: Code 044 is still in production and not many preview scenes were shown at TAF, but the show is “on schedule” and will debut on Animax in Japan this July.

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