San Diego Comic-Con International 2009
Dante's Inferno

by Carlo Santos,

Representatives: Jonathan Knight, Brandon Auman, Christos Gage, Ash Huang, Vic Cook

A full-capacity crowd was on hand at Comic-Con for EA Games' presentation of their upcoming horror-action video game Dante's Inferno. The panel began with a trailer for the game.

Jonathan Knight then briefly discussed the source material, Dante Alighieri's epic poem The Divine Comedy, and explained how the poem's nine levels of Hell provided the basis of the game's levels. The game also embellishes upon the back story of characters in the poem such as Virgil and Lucifer. In addition, Dante himself plays the central role in the game as a medieval knight.

The game is due for release in 2010 and will also tie in to a comic and animated feature.

Art director Ash Huang discussed the artistic design that went into the levels of Hell, using the Fifth Circle (Anger) as an example. Huang also discussed some the technical details that ultimately go into the game environments.

The next few slides showed concept art for various denizens of Hell such as King Minos, who judges souls going into Hell, and the three-headed guardian beast Cerberus.

Next, writer Christos Gage discussed the story that he will be working on for the comic book adaptation. The comic, written by Gage and illustrated by Diego Latorre, covers the main story but also goes into further detail with secondary characters such as Beatrice and antagonist Lucifer.

Finally, Brandon Auman discussed the Dante's Inferno animated feature that he will be working on with Vic Cook. Auman explained how one of the key challenges involves adding a deeper story element to the original work. There will be 6 directors working on the animated feature, making it a collection of shorts similar to projects like The Animatrix. Contributing artists include Japanese studio Manglobe and Korean studio Dong Woo (which has worked on various animated series from both the U.S. and Japan).

The main part of the panel ended with a brand-new teaser for the the animated feature. After this, the panel was opened to questions from the audience, but most attendees left immediately afterward.

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