Anime Boston

by Bamboo Dong,

Panelist: Ed Chavez

Saturday's industry panels started off with Vertical, who briefly talked about some of their upcoming titles. Amongst those is the first volume of Chi's Sweet Home, whose release date will likely be pushed back to June 28; currently, the animated series can be streamed on for free. Also coming out this summer is Masayuki Suo's Shall We Sumo?, which has a street date of June 22, while Fall will bring Seicho Matsumoto's Pro Bono.

Several Osamu Tezuka works will be releasing a summer release, with Apollo's Song parts 1 and 2 being reprinted and released on August 17. October 19 will see the release of Ayako, while August 24 will see City of Refuge. The 12th volume of Black Jack will be released July 20; the 17-volume series will likely be finished by Summer 2011.

Amongst Vertical's release include craft books and puzzle books, including Nishio's Big Book of Puzzles: Red & Blue, with Red on September 28 and Blue on November 23. The book contains not only several Sudoku puzzles, it also features mazes, logic puzzles, and games created by Nishio himself.

Interestingly, the panelists also alluded to a new acquisition, temporarily dubbed “Manga Release Project R.” No information is available about the title, other than it was written by “an author previously published by Viz.” A contract has not been signed for the project, yet, but a verbal agreement has been reached.

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