Anime Expo 2010

by Carlo Santos,

Independent comic book publisher Eigomanga held their panel to a mostly empty room on Sunday morning. Despite the small turnout, they talked about their current projects, starting with Danity Kane, a comic by Sean "Diddy" Combs protege Dawn Richard.

The company has turned their focus to international partners, with affiliates in Korea, Germany, and France. Fans in those countries will be able to read localized versions of Danity Kane. Fans eager to read their releases can check out titles on their iPhone app, powered by Panel Fly.

Afterwards, they introduced someone from Smorgasbord Productions, an animation studio that specializes in Flash animation. They talked about some of the collaborations they have with Eigomanga, starting with Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, an online series that stars voice talent like Spike Spencer. They also showed some reels of other miscellaneous projects, both past and present.

Near the end, they showed some sketches from a game that they are developing called Atomic Boogaloo. More scenes will be available at Comic Con.

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