Supanova Brisbane 2010
Friday Preview Night

by Luke Carroll,

Those that purchase a weekend pass for Supanova are not only given entry for the entire weekend to one of the best conventions around, they are also given access to the Friday Preview Night, an evening that is almost an event in itself. Now in its 4th year, the preview night once again managed to run things smoother than in previous years, however it seemed at times to lack the fun and excitement that the event really is known to produce. Not that it stopped the night acting as a great opening for the upcoming days.

Arriving at the scheduled time for the doors to open it was not really a surprise to see a long and full line already waiting to head in. With the traders hall being open for much of the afternoon, there were certainly no doubts that some people have been in the area for quite some time. Unfortunately as with every year , things weren't right on schedule from the get go. Despite all the signs that things were going to be better, the doors opened 15 minutes later than planned.

This delay flowed right though the evening from the preview night's opening introductions to the charity auction. As with last year, the witty screen comments were back in style and the guests joined in with the antics. Despite this, it was hard to ignore that the feeling that things more civilised in their proceedings. This became apparent early on, and was reinforced with a rather mediocre total (by Brisbane's standards) raised at the auction.

The slave auction that followed thankfully brought some redeeming fun into the night. Although there were only 5 slaves for auction (1 of which was a cross dresser), they alone managed to raise some serious money for charity and proved to be the highlight of the night. Paul Jenkins was the slave auction's host and found himself in a laughing fit due to the obscurity of it all. Afterwards it was time for a screening of the Naruto Shippuden movie. Most people, including myself used this as a time to head home and prepare for the next day.

Its really unfortunate to believe that this years Preview Night certainly didn't meet the bar its previous years have raised, however its really hard to pinpoint where they could have done better. Despite this, there were still plenty of memorable moments, and the feeling that Supanova gives is certainly back in full strength. Bring on the next two days of fun!

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