Supanova Brisbane 2010

by Luke Carroll,

Beginning in true Brisbane fashion, the weather was clear and the sun was out in full force as patrons began lining up in the morning for day two of Brisbane's largest anime and pop culture convention. As with previous years, the queue was noticeably smaller than it was 24hrs prior, however the excitement was still in the air and even the burning sun bearing down on the lines all morning couldn't keep them from budging. With clock striking ten o'clock, the lines were let in and day two began.

As with every year, the schedule features an absolute heap to do no matter what time of day it is. Sunday featured so many choices in how to plan the morning that I was left absolutely stumped in how to go about it. Eventually I decided on easing the morning in with a screening of Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion before the Q&A session with Liam O'Brien and Tara Platt.

This Q&A session once again gave fans the chance to get to know their favourite actors better by asking some very interesting questions. Liam O'Brien's closing story on one of his most funniest moments as a voice actor certainly got the crowd into a giggle as Yuri Lowenthal got ready to also to do the same straight after. Our attention however was quickly diverted to the Madman Panel where the crowd was treated to a few new title acquisitions and the chance to have their questions answered by one of the Australian industry's most recognisable figure, Sylvester 'Sly' Ip.

Following straight after was the fan favourite Kamehameha Blast Off. This event always proves a laugh, and this year was no different with characters ranging from the essential Goku all the way to Raiden from Mortal Kombat treating the crowd to some very funny and very unique kamehameha attempts. The Madman Cosplay Contest that followed certainly made an attempt to up the entertainment once more, beginning with the crowd standing for non other than the first 'Cosplay National Anthem'. From there, things only improved as John and Jacky kept the crowds laughing during the event which ran surprisingly smoother than previous years.

The final event for the day was the Karaoke!! Japan competition. This event has always been a nice note to finish the convention on. Despite the unfortunate need to cut the songs off at 3 minutes and eventually 2 minute lengths, the performances were still very enjoyable. With six o'clock looming, the final song was sung, the winners announced, and the convention was officially brought to an end. The two and a half days of fun we had just experienced was over.

It's a hard feat to achieve, but Supanova manages to always grow and improve with every year. The final tally of 19,700 attendees over the weekend attest to this. The expansion to the original Commerce Building this year was much needed and provided a great amount of extra space, however there still is a crowd issue with the cosplay that needs some attention. With the numbers undoubtedly expected to grow once again next year though and the convention aiming to improve themselves once again, do you yourself a favour and check it. It really is an experience you wont forget.

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