Anime Boston 2011
Sentai Filmworks

by Gia Manry,

David Williams opened the Sentai Filmworks panel by introducing himself and the company, and then listed the company's upcoming releases. During this portion of the panel he commented that no one at Sentai had anticipated the popularity of their Demon King Daimao simulcast on The Anime Network website, where it's the second most popular show (after Highschool of the Dead, naturally). It was the surprising stats from the streaming videos that led them to decide to dub the series and release it on Blu-ray, which wasn't part of their initial scheme for the series.

Williams then dropped an announcement: Sentai will release Senkō no Night Raid under the title Night Raid 1931 this August.

After a few minutes of technical difficulties, Sentai premiered the English-dubbed first episode of the Angel Beats! television anime, which was met with great enthusiasm by the attendees.

Williams planned to take questions after the episode finished, but unfortunately we couldn't stay to document his answers due to a scheduling conflict.

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