Japan Expo 2012
Momoiro Clover Z Concert

by Rebecca Silverman,
Girl group Momoiro Clover Z gave a 45 minute concert to a small but fervent audience. Dressed in color coded costumes of red, pink, purple, green, and yellow, they performed five songs, including the Sailor Moon opening theme. There was no lip synching to prerecorded vocals for these girls - everything was sung live. The overall atmosphere was "perky and cute," which did make some of the sexier moves a little creepy. Chroreography brought the show down a bit, as it tended towards the awful, with arm movements as if they were swimming and legs bent and lifted out to the sides. It was a shame, because several of the group members are quite graceful. The group too, a break after two songs to speak to the audience in a mix of French and Japanese, with the crowd going wild. It may not have been a big concert, but it was an appreciated one.

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