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The Legend of Korra's Toph Beifong

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Character: Toph Beifong
Series: The Legend of Korra
Cosplayer: Kyuu Vixen
Photographer: Colin Kelly

We asked photographer Colin Kelly, "When did you first get into cosplay photography?"

"To be precise, I first started taking photos of cosplayers on April 20, 2013. I was thinking about going to Starfest but wasn't sure until I talked about it with a model I had previously shot. At the time, I had no idea she was going. Even more, I learned she was a member of the fan-based Star Wars organization 501st Legion, and she went around to children's hospitals fully dressed as Star Wars characters to visit with the sick children."


Are you a cosplay photographer, or do you have a favorite cosplay photographer that you work with? Each week, we'll be featuring a different cosplay photographer, and asking them not only to share a little bit about their point of view, but also a week's worth of their favorite photos. If you know anyone who would be interested, please e-mail us at [email protected] Thanks!

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