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Outlaw Star - ep. 16-20

by Kyle Pope,

XVI) Demon of the Water Planet

As this is a filler episode there was little to cut. But what they did cut really makes me wonder what they're thinking over at CN. I'm starting to wonder if the re-airing of Gundam Wing will be further edited given what's being cut out of OS.

1. Restaurant Manager's "stop screwing around" changed to "stop messing around". (Already covered this one.)

2. Jim's "shooting your gun off" changed to "shooting your blaster off". (Really stupid since we saw Gene change magazines during the gunfight in the restaurant.)

3. Old Man's "trying to kill me" changed to "trying to stop me".

4. Scene of Gene putting his gun to the Old Man's head and demanding answers cut.

5. Scene of the Old Man explaining the presence of explosives in his prosthetic arm cut.

6. Old Man's "enemy to kill" changed to "enemy to fight".

7. Old Man's "I'm not gonna die" changed to "I'm not gonna stop".

8. Old Man's "I have to kill him" changed to "I have to stop him".

9. Scene of Old Man detonating the explosives in his arm cut. (Flash back to Hilda at Farfallous.)

Ken-san, if you ever get another shot at Mr. Akins you're going to have to pin him down on this situation. A rerun of Gundam Wing will have everything they're cutting out of OS as far as guns and violence is concerned. This wildly erratic editing pattern is confusing as hell.

XVII) Between Life and Machine

Just when you thought you had them figured out, the edits in this episode further stir the pot of confusion.

1. Narrator's "because humans were created by god while androids were created solely by humans" cut. (I knew this prologue was in trouble the instant I first saw it.)

2. Narrator's "without any possibility of life in the hereafter" cut.

3. Narrator's "however the existence of a creator god or even the soul for that matter has yet to be discovered or proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by any established organization within the scientific community" cut.

4. Gene's "favorite bar" changed to "favorite place". (So if they don't call it a bar no one will recognize it as such?)

5. Gene's "turns into a bloodbath" changed to "turns into a big mess".

6. Not and edit... Gene's "your killing Hilda" left in.

7. Not an edit... Gene's "and killed Hilda" left in.

8. And again... Gene's "you're the one who killed Hilda" left in. (What the hell!? Three "kills" in a row?)

9. Not an edit... Gene's "you lying bastard" kept in.

10. Not an edit... No blasters. All guns pulled were recognizable as firearms.

11. Not an edit... Gene's "what the hell" left in. (What happened? Did someone pull a coup d'etat over at CN?)

12. Scene of Harry MacDougall approaching the cowering Melfina cut.

13. Scene of Harry MacDougall hitting Melfina cut.

14. Scene of Harry MacDougall's cyber attack on Melfina shortened.

15. Harry MacDougall's "bitch" changed to "witch".

16. Blood (?) removed from Harry MacDougall's severed arm. (I don't think this was blood as it was dark brown and was part of an artificial arm. No point in editing it out.)

17. Open panels on Aisha's fighting costume digitally painted over in preview.

Well, I'm confused. After all the cuts that went before we have a veritable flood of forbidden material spill out of this episode. What is going on over at Toonami?

Editor's Note: Most of this forbidden material was indeed cut & edited in Toonami's subsequent rebroadcast of Outlaw Star.

XVIII) The Strongest Woman in the Universe

Well this is where my DVDs end. Until the final OS DVD collection streets in March I'll be taping the episodes and holding them until I can complete these lists.

1. Gene's "I'm not gonna sleep with you" changed to "I'm not gonna dance with you".

2. Gene's "she's pretty hot looking" changed to "she's pretty good looking".

3. Official's "984 fatalities" changed to "984 hospitalized".

4. Open panel on the front of Aisha's costume digitally painted closed.

5. Scene of Aisha exercising in front of the mirror shortened.

6. Digital bikini added over the real Firecat's butt.

7. Scene of "Jenny" grabbing and complimenting Reiko's butt cut.

8. Jenny's "by the way, your breasts feel great" changed to "by the way, your hair looks great".

9. Still of Aisha's victory pose over her opponent cut.

10. Scene of Iraga pummeling Aisha against the corner post shortened.

11. Scene of Iraga telling Aisha to die cut.

12. Scene of Aisha's breasts hanging in Gene's face cut.

13. Scene of Gene gunning down a pirate cut.

For those of you who appreciate this effort of mine, I will come through when Bandai does.

For those of you who don't...


XIX) Law and Lawlessness

1. Gene's "you bastards" changed to "you morons".

2. Gene's "I'd rather be frisked by that lady over there" changed to "I'd rather be talking to that lady over there".

3. Gene's "go to hell" changed to "shut your trap".

4. Gene's "caught me with my pants down" changed to "caught me with my guard down".

5. Not an Edit... Scene of Gene spitting out blood left in.

6. Aisha's "they killed everyone?" changed to "they destroyed everyone?"

7. Scene of Gene picking up Duuz's pistol, examining it and pointing it at Duuz's head cut.

8. Scene of Gene shooting two pirates cut.

9. Valeria's "I'll find some way to show my appreciation" changed to "We'll find some way to show our appreciation".

10. Gene's "now you die!" changed to "now you lose!"

Looks like Gene and Valeria's sexual byplay was the casualty in this episode.

XX) Cats and Girls and Spaceships

1. Still of Jim blasting away with a revolver cut from prologue.

2. Pirate ship's "I'm here to kill you" changed to "I'm here to destroy you".

3. Gene's "bastard" changed to "moron".

4. Melfina's "he drank an awful lot of liquor yesterday" changed to "he ate an awful lot of food yesterday". (Yeah, right)

5. Still of Gene boozing it up in the bar cut along with Jim and Melfina's conversation about it.

6. Jim's "bar tab" changed to "meal tab".

7. Gene's "screw around" changed to "mess around".

8. Gene's "bastard" changed to "bonehead".

9. Mata's "they killed her" changed to "they destroyed her".

Given the nature of this episode surprisingly little was changed.

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