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Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 1

by Kyle Pope,
List of Edits: Gundam 08th MS Team

     Well the Gundams are invading Toonami. This time though it's real Gundam. And we're going back to the beginning. Federation vs Jion in the UC continuity. As there is not yet a version of First Gundam on DVD (not that I'd buy a dub only release anyway) I can only do 08th MS Team at the moment. And already I can see trouble on the horizon. Gundam is a high body count series. If Toonami can't handle a couple of floating corpses in a derelict ship then they're going to have real problems when the bodies really start stacking up. I'll go as far as I can with only one DVD out and complete the lists as the next installments are released. This was a lot easier when Cartoon Network was airing stuff that has been out for a while. 1) Gundam pilot's "you want those pansies in the 07th..." changed to you want those wimps in the 07th..."

2) Karen's "you drinkin' on the job again?" changed to "you working while you're sick again?" (CN is really giving their audience zero credit for intelligence.)

3) Flush on Gramp's cheeks initially painted out.

4) Scene of Feddies playing cards cut.

5) Feddie's "kick their asses" changed to "smack them around".

6) Floating corpse on wrecked ship edited out.

7) Not an Edit... Aina gets to bleed from her gunshot wound.

8) Another floating corpse edited out. (Senseless since Shiro had made a direct reference to it.)

9) Shiro's "piss me off" changed to "tick me off".

10) Kiki now wears a digital bikini in preview. (I saw this one coming a mile off.)

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