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The Edit List
Cowboy Bebop - unaired ep. 22

by Kyle Pope,

This is the last of the three episodes CN has deleted from its run of Cowboy Bebop on Adult Swim. Anyone who has seen the episode can certainly understand why CN might not have wanted to air this one. Essentially you have a comedy involving a terrorist destroying skyscrapers. Nonetheless most fans of CB rate this as one of the top episodes and it's a tragedy that it didn't get aired. If there was ever a reason to rent or buy CB on DVD or VHS, this episode is a prime example.

Episode Summary: Cowboy Funk Episode 22

Spike is out hunting his next bounty on Mars. A serial bomber known as the Teddy Bomber (because his bombs are concealed inside Teddy Bears) has been blowing up skyscrapers. Spike corners his target inside a tall, twin-towered building but before he can bring him in he is interrupted by a tall, lanky character in a cowboy outfit riding a horse. The famous Cowboy Andy. Andy draws his revolver and promptly accuses Spike of being the Teddy Bomber. An infuriated Spike starts setting this character straight allowing the Teddy Bomber to escape and set off the explosives he had planted in the building. Spike and Andy move to escape the falling debris. Unfortunately the route Andy and his horse take happens to be over Spike's back. Back on the Bebop the trampled and frustrated Spike is attempting to convince his skeptical collegues of the existence of Cowboy Andy. However Faye and Jet find Spike's tale a little too fantastic to swallow. Later that evening the three of them are staking out a masquerade party at the Teddy Bomber's next targeted building. The Teddy Bomber shows up right on schedule (in a teddy bear costume). Unfortunately so does Cowboy Andy and his trusty steed. He promptly draws his revolvers and accuses both Spike and Jet of being the Teddy Bomber. The Teddy Bomber himself, frustrated at being ignored in the delivery of his manifesto, detonates the bombs he planted and makes his escape. Panic ensues among the guests. Spike takes off after the Teddy Bomber. Faye takes off after Cowboy Andy and Jet attempts to restore calm amongst the partygoers. The Teddy Bomber jumps into a car in the garage and heads out with Spike and the Swordfish in hot pursuit. Unfortunately for Spike, Andy is pursuing him on horseback with Faye in tow, firing missiles at the Swordfish and causing massive collateral damage. The Teddy Bomber is completely ignored again. The Teddy Bomber sends a challenge to Spike and Andy via the Big Shot TV show. Ed surmises that the next target is City Hall as the Teddy Bomber targets buildings by height. Spike shows up to find the Teddy Bomber waiting out front but he has little interest in the Teddy Bomber. Spike is there for Andy. Sure enough Andy shows and the two start berating each other for interferring. The ignored Teddy Bomber has had enough and sets off yet another bomb. Spike and Andy call a temporary truce to catch the Teddy Bomber. They end up trapped in an elevator that the Teddy Bomber has rigged to carry them non-stop into a nest of teddy bombs waiting on the roof. Spike and Andy struggle to find some way out of the car before it reaches the top floor and ultimately work their way out with the help of Andy's lariat. Meanwhile Faye and Jet show up and with one punch take the Teddy Bomber into custody. On what's left of the roof of City Hall Andy and Spike are having a showdown. First with guns, then with fists. It's more slapstick than serious fight but ultimately Andy admits defeat and retires as a cowboy. While being transported the Teddy Bomber attempts to explain his manifesto to his guard. But before he can finish he is interrupted by hoofbeats outside the transport as Andy in full samurai garb rides off into the martian sunset.


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