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The Edit List
Cowboy Bebop - ep. 24 and 25

by Kyle Pope,

I get the distinct impression that Sept 11th dampened a lot of Cartoon Network's enthusiasm for airing this program. The edits got more severe as the series progressed. Episodes were deleted that had no bearing on terrorism. Implied nudity as well as actual nudity was cut. And the quantity of blood was reduced to unrealistic levels. Even less than was shown on the Midnight Run version of Gundam Wing. I appeal to Cartoon Network before they acquire any new anime for Adult Swim to give us credit for being adults.

Cowboy Bebop: Hard Luck Woman

1) Jet's "shit, this isn't funny" changed to "damn, this isn't funny".

2) Faye's shower scene shortened.

The second edit really wasn't necessary. The longer scene didn't show you anything more than the edited scene did.

Cowboy Bebop: The Real Folk Blues, Part I

1) Blood removed when bartender is shot.

2) Blood removed when Spike shoots thug.

3) Scene of Jet's leg getting shot cut.

4) Blood removed when Spike shoots another thug.

5) Blood reduced when Shin shoots thug.

6) Scene of Red Dragon Elder vomiting blood cut.

7) Blood removed as thug throwing Vicious his sword is shot.

8) Blood and bullet hole removed from corpse of second Red Dragon Elder.

9) Blood spray removed when Vicious slashes Red Dragon thug.

10) Blood removed when Vicious kills third Red Dragon Elder.

The Mighty Maids return, but this time with fire hoses. Black Dog Serenade was a picnic in the park compared to this episode. When Vicious goes into action it literally rains blood. And he was playing for the biggest game of all so he wasn't holding back. It is disappointing given how promising CB started out on Adult Swim. I have to wonder how CB would have looked on Adult Swim had the events of Sept 11th not occurred. Anyway, one more episode and CB concludes its inaugural run on Cartoon Network. Even with the edits I still can barely believe I'm seeing Cowboy Bebop on TV.


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