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Cowboy Bebop Second Run - ep. 8

by Kyle Pope,

The second of the prodigal episodes makes its appearance. As predicted there was very little to edit in this one. If you've seen the original version of this episode get ready to laugh your butt off when the episode's only edit shows up. These people really know how to use that digital paint program.

Cowboy Bebop: Waltz for Venus

1) Second man digitally removed from bed during Faye's impromptu interrogation.

It was only one edit but what an edit it was. It certainly takes the top spot as the funniest edit in the whole of Cowboy Bebop. And it certainly was the most gutless. I guess the Harvey Birdman episode with the Quest custody case can't be taken as an indicator of anything.

2) Piccaro's "Shit, these guys are bounty hunters" changed to "Damn, these guys are bounty hunters".

My thanks to that other listkeeper (Hello, Morgana-san) for updating me on this one. A recheck of the episode indicated that this edit did take place. I guess it happened so quick I missed it.


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