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Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 1 - ep. 1: Ryouko Resurrected

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi has returned to Toonami allowing me to recover my list of edits that were lost to the mists of usenet history. Tenchi Muyou was a real surprise for me on Toonami. While I didn't see any major problem with airing the two TV series I could not imagine that Toonami would ever air the OVAs. Especially episode #4. Well CN never fails to amaze. Long before Cowboy Bebop made its appearance on Adult Swim CN brought Tenchi Muyou to cable TV. While the only movie to have been aired was the first TM movie (Tenchi Muyou in Love) aired by the Sci-Fi Channel, CN has aired all of the televised TM there is along with the complete OVA series. The only exclusions have been the Mihoshi Special and the Pretty Sammy series. So after a long absence I welcome the return of Tenchi and his alien harem and the opportunity to inform you of CN's alterations and omissions.

Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 1: Ryouko Resurrected

1. Scene of vines peeling away from boulder after Tenchi split the rock was cut.

2. Scene of Tenchi resting against the passageway entrance after resealing it cut.

3. Dialogue for Amagasaki completely redubbed.

4. Sequence where Amagasaki accuses Tenchi of sleeping with a mummy and Tenchi cold-cocking Amagasaki cut.

5. Scene of Tenchi dreaming of Ryouko in the cave while sleeping on the roof cut.

6. Scene of Tenchi bumping into Ryouko's breasts cut.

7. Scene of burning school cut. Tenchi's dialogue moved.

8. Scene of Ryouko rolling over in Tenchi's bed shortened to remove a shot of her open dress and broad cleavage.

9. Second cleavage shot of Ryouko cropped to remove most of her breasts with the rest being covered by digital paint.

10. Ending theme replaced with abbreviated version of the first OVA opening.

This is one of Toonami's earlier efforts at editing. What is commendable is that under the guidance of Sean Akins, a confirmed anime fan and fan of the TM series, this show was edited to the minimum extent necessary to meet BS&P. That episode #4 was aired at all is a testament to that fact given that an episode of Outlaw Star with far less nudity was deleted from the line-up.


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